Jordan Peterson

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Re: Jordan Peterson

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Someone here applauded a hit piece on Peterson in Vox. That's serious stupidity, willful or otherwise. If we want to analyze or critique or slam someone, let's do it with the best available evidence and reasoning and not look for something, anything, sufficiently mean-spirited that condemns someone who the latest update deems an Unperson.

To clarify further, if someone wants to criticize NASA, fine, but don't do it with a flat earth video. If you want to criticize the CDC, it should be with analysis from Johns Hopkins or some other legitimate source, not some anti-vax page. There are things to criticize Peterson for, but let's look at what he actually says and what that actually means.

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Re: Jordan Peterson

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Vox is communist garbage.
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Re: Jordan Peterson

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Sam Harris podcast debating Vox's Editor-At-Large Ezra Klein. If you want to see the woke-ness of Vox and their assault on critical thinking, just take a listen.
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