RIP Neil Peart

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RIP Neil Peart

Post by nafod »

Rush drummer extraordinaire, for those unfamiliar. A gentle soul and massive talent. No idea he was ill.

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Re: RIP Neil Peart

Post by Schlegel »

I am hitting the age where the musicians making music when I was a kid getting driven around by my mom are dying now. I swear it makes me feel older than birthdays do.
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Re: RIP Neil Peart

Post by Kirk »

Yeah, it sucks. He'd been sick for a while now. The band had called it quits a few years ago as Neil could no longer play to his satisfaction. Rush is one of the bands I listen to pretty much every day.

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Re: RIP Neil Peart

Post by Hanglow Joe »

Unbelievable drummer. Socially awkward. Great lyricist.

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