Motor moron

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Re: Motor moron

Post by TerryB » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:16 am

That's a nice video, Boris.

Does that fat guy have one for the upper back/scap stability?
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Re: Motor moron

Post by ccrow » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:49 pm

I think the hip bridge is the thing, the exercise is designed to force the person to use the glutes. You can do all kinds of hinge or etc. exercises that should involve the glute but a person with the dreaded gluteal amnesia will usually compensate by using hamstrings.

The idea with the bridge is, with the knees bent the hamstrings can't really help, and this usually forces the person to figure out how to use the glutes. For extreme cases there's the Cook Hip Lift variant, which is all over YouTube.

Telling them to flex the glutes will often just get you a puzzled look, they have no idea there's muscle under there and no idea how to contract them on purpose. Sometimes telling them to touch their hips and try to flex the glue when they bridge will help.

Once they have this remedial exercise working, the next thing I'd go for is the RDL - any kind - at first making a deliberate effort to use the glutes. If they get sore hamstrings and not sore glutes, it's still an issue.

Google up "janda lower crossed" because working on the other things - tight hip flexors and hamstrings etc., weak deep abdominals, etc., are all involved.
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