Bram's Exercise Programming

Post your training journals here if you like. I'll make back-ups to avoid losing your data.

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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:03 pm

Week 8: Rest Week

M - Rest
T - Correctives, Surfing
W - Surfing, Meditation
R - Rest
F - Skateboarding
S - Meditation, Skateboarding, Surfing
SU - Surfing

Tuesday, March 4th

Was reading a training program and the author used the term "Correctives" to encompass stretching, soft-tissue work and mobility.

I liked the idea - I do a lot of stabilization, flexibility and massage work.

But I lack programming extra things for myself or for clientele, sufficiently, if they are recovering from an injury or have an obvious imbalance/tight spot/weakness.

Weak Spots (I think):

Left Humeral Internal Rotators
Right Humeral External Rotators
Left Gluteal Extensors
Something with my Patella Tracking - both knees (more on right)

Soft-Tissue Spots:

Left Serratus
Left Quadratus Lumborum
Right TFL

Corrective Workout

Lacrosse Right TFL, Left Quadratus Lumborum, Left Serratus x 20 reps x 2 sets each

Glute Bridge 45lbs x 10-15 x 3 sets
Cable Internal Rotation 30-35lbs x 10-15 x 3 sets
Cable External Rotation 20lbs x 10-15 x 3 sets
Cable Internal Rotation - Elbows Up and Out 30lbs x 8-15 x 3 sets
Barbell External Rotation 15lbs x 10-15 x 3 sets
Standing Slow Front Kicks x 10-15 each leg x 3 sets

Note: I did some slow side kicks, standing band straight-leg adduction and band terminal knee extensions - but none seemed to help my knee tracking. The front kicks did though, and I suck at them, hope this will help my patella track right.

Note 2: I don't plan to change my normal training much, I do about 12 stabilizer exercises per workout and 6 soft-tissue spots. But will ditch one day of TKE's (currently 2 days a week programmed in) and sub the front kicks, and pick 1-3 soft-tissue spots from my list as a substitute for my standard ones. Occasionally I plan to do workouts like this if feeling tired, or if I need to.

Note 3: I've had this clicking in my right knee when extending on the inside - it doesn't hurt, but I don't like it. During the front kicks my upper thigh, slightly medial (pectineus? rectus femoris?) on my right side started contracting hard - especially when extending my knee away from my hip. When riding my bike home, my knee was clicking, then I thought to lift the thigh at the top of the pedal stroke utilizing that muscle and it went away 100%.

Surfing 80 minutes

Was able to link a turn while maintaining elastic force - threw my arms to the right, held the position for a second, then threw my arms back to the left. First time! Usually, I can tell a dissipation of power. I had my arms more bent, perhaps this helped?

Wednesday, March 5th

Surfing 75 minutes

Decided to slightly alter my training programming. This is a rest week, so it's a perfect time to look at the plusses and minuses.

I feel good, look good and am moving well. But, I feel that my two workouts are incomplete by themselves (lacking abs in one, lacking hamstring curls and obliques in the other). I hope that adding them in for my next training block keeps my energy levels high and makes me feel even stronger and healthier.

So instead of a 6 exercise split, I'll be moving to an 7-8 exercise split.

Chins + Bench + Rows OR Press + Rows
Abs + Obliques
Quad + Ham + Lower Back

Still keeping other things the same.

Thursday, March 6th

Got inspired to do some random movement stuff. Yoga, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Surfing warm-up drills.

Practicing a deep, stylish surf stance and then my knees and ankles side to side like I was controlling the board. This could be cool, because I have a god-awful looking stance and a little time and attention could pay huge dividends.

Working on keeping a flat palm and extended fingers in push-up/down-dog transitions. Awesome feeling.

Side to side half-wide squats.

Knees to either side, back and forth, then sitting on my butt and doing alternating leg circles like an open guard drill.

It felt good. Maybe this will inspire further warm-up routines beyond my current two?

Also, those front kicks I did the other day were great - had a ton of agility in a one-leg standing position. I think I'll integrate them into my Capoeira warm-up (jenga, to front kick, to jenga), trying to get more done in less things.

Friday, March 8th

Skateboarding 20 minutes or so

Been messing around with having my front hand extended slightly in front of me. This is a technique a lot of high-level surfers use and I think it started with Tom Curren (one of the most stylish and influential surfers of all time). Regardless of who it started with, Curren's the first I noticed doing it and I'm aping him.

Anyways, the front hand stays in the same location (most of the time) and the back hand controls your turns. I really dig it! It gives you this kind of flowing movement.

Also, messing with how my feet feel on the board. Been trying to really stretch my toes out and get the best, most natural grip as I'm kicking and standing.

And drilling my power-slide's. If I could do one technique on a skateboard, this would be it, because it allows you to stop when you're going too fast. I don't commit enough with my back arm to kick the tail out fully, but have improved over the past few days.

Saturday, March 8th

Meditation 30 minutes

Skateboarding 15 minutes

Drilling power slides. I got a few legit ones at very low speeds.

It feels really cool: your arm flies forward, your oblique contracts hard and the board goes to 90 degrees.

Thinking "90 degrees" was very helpful.

TKE with Band x 15 x 6 sets
Reverse Fly with Band x 15 x 2 sets
Band External Rotation x 10-15 x 2 sets
DB External Rotation 3lbs x 15 x 2 sets

I had a lot of trouble activating the VMO on my right leg, after all those sets I noticed my left knee would stay neutral at extension and my right knee would rotate externally. When I kept it neutral the VMO fired hard.

With my left scapula, something's going on where it doesn't track correctly either - maybe the serratus is the culprit? Maybe my middle-traps or rhomboids? Hard to say what's going on. But I can't tell. Had a trainer look at it, without focusing on form and it felt fine. My problem may be over thinking it. And then I'm forcing my shoulders in one direction or another due to my brain, and out of the right groove. Next time, I'll just focus on the movement and let my shoulders do their thing, then see what happens.

Surfing 75 minutes

Sunday, March 10th

Surfing 90 minutes
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:27 pm

Week 1

M - Surfing, Meditation
T - Skateboarding
W - Surfing, Meditation, Running
R - Rest
F - Full Body
S - Surfing
SU - Rest

Monday, March 10th

Surfing 90 minutes

I've been reading a sports performance book which talks about "chunking" and deliberate practice.

Chunking is what happens when you store small bits of data about your sport - in my case, what a wave is doing. Every set that came through, I tried to stare at the shape of it and determine where it was best for me to paddle into.

Deliberate practice is working on a single element - it could be a particular submission in Jiu-Jitsu, your kettlebell rack position or how you throw a discus. I've known for a long time that your bottom turn...


is the most crucial element of surfing performance. But I seldom practice it. So I set a goal of 100 a week.

Bottom Turns 5/100

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Tuesday, March 11th

Skateboarding 20 minutes

Worked on power-slides.

There's some lines in the parking garage at my gym, marking the division of where they poured the concrete. About 10-15 feet apart. I've been using them as an indicator. Last night, I managed 10 in a row (so slide, build a little speed, slide again). Also, got my first legit backside one.

Also, seems I need to bend my front leg slightly when doing front side power-slides.

Wednesday, March 12th

Surfing 90 minutes

Got to the beach, found some shade, pulled out my book and waited for the tide to drop. I called it right, the first 45 minutes I was there, the waves weren't connecting through, only offering mostly short rides. Once it started to get better, I paddled out.

Bottom Turns 9/100

Found that I can't do a bottom turn on every section. Maybe this is instantly, maybe it's down the wave a bit, maybe it's not in the cards.

I need to build my mental catalog of when the time's right.

This is progress though.

I used to never do them, now I'm learning I shouldn't always do them. Haha, sounds like surfing, right? Go with the flow, bro bro.

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Running 30 minutes and Stretching 15 minutes

Friday, March 14th

Foam Roll - Glutes, Adductors, Upper Back, Lats, Chest, Hip Flexors

Warm-Up - Run in Place, Bouncing, High Knees, Standing Twists, Ba Gua A, Jenga, Ba Gua B, Leg Swings Front, Ba Gua C, Leg Swings Side (up on toes, pivoting foot), Ba Gua D, Leg Swings Back (up on toes)

Stretching 5 minutes

Main Workout
DB Push-Press 40's x 20, 45's x 12, 40's x 13
Seated Hammer Row: Parallel Grip 65/65 x 17, 15, 15
DB Side Bend 45lbs x 15 each x 3 sets
Decline Sit-Up (flatten, then up) x 15, 11, 10
Rock Bottom Squat 115 x 15, 15
Lying Hamstring Curl 80lbs x 15 x 2 sets
Deadlifts 105lbs x 15 x 2 sets

Accessories (1 set of 10-15 reps) - Reverse Fly's 20lbs, External Rotation 20lbs, External Rotation Dumbbell Elevated 5lbs, Internal Rotation 30lbs, Internal Rotation Elevated 30lbs, Seated Adduction 5th setting, Lying Straight Leg Adduction, Band Side Walk, Glute Bridge with Extension, Sarhmann Level 4, TKE with Band (got to remember to not let right leg externally rotate), Barbell Wrist Extensions 25lbs

Stretching 15 minutes

Saturday, March 17th

Surfing 4.5 hours

Bottom Turns 12/100
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:48 am

Week 2

M - Full-Body, Meditation, Surfing
T - Rest
W - Surfing, Meditation
R - Rest
F - Surfing, Running
S - Rest
SU - Full-Body, Surfing

Monday, March 18th

Foam Roll - Upper Back, Glutes, Hip Flexors, Adductors, Lats, Chest

Warm-Up: Jogging, Bouncing, High Knees, Twisting, Jenga, Ba Gua Tea Cups x 4 variations, Leg Swings Forward/Side/Back

Stretching 5 minutes

Standing Cable Rows to Chest 72.5lbs x 20, 80lbs x 20

Chin-Ups x 12, 10, 8
DB Walking Lunges 50's x 10 each x 3 sets

DB Incline Bench 60's x 15, 12, 11
Glute-Ham Raise x 13, 12, 11

Scissor Kicks x 60 x 2 sets
Cable Twists 35lbs x 15, 12 (twisting on toes and at heels to keep knee stress to zero)

45 Degree Low Back Extensions 25lbs x 15 x 3 sets

Accessories: DB Lateral Raise 10's, BB Curl 50lbs, Triceps Push-Down 50lbs, DB Calf Raise 17.5lbs, Seated Calf Raise 25lbs, Wall Slides, 1-Arm Scap Push-Ups, Neck Extensions - Cable Harness 15lbs, Neck Flexion 15lbs, Shin Raises 27.5lbs, Band TKE's, Standing 1-Leg Extensions

Stretching 15 minutes

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Surfing 1.75 hours

Bottom Turns 3/100

I took off on a wave that looked to be closing out, I went for a big bottom turn and shot around the entire closed out section.

Wednesday, March 19th

Surfing 1.5 hours

Put sunscreen on again after 45 minutes, I think that's the sweet spot to keep me protected.

Bottom Turns 6/100

I pop-up on my board right in the center - it's great for speed, but it's not great for precise control. I was watching a kid surf as I got out and his ability to whip the board around was a lot higher than mine. If I really want to get 100 bottom turns a week, I have to move my feet back every time I pop-up AND don't need more speed. The only way to get one now is if I have a big enough wave, because of my slow turning ability.

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Shoulders felt really relaxed during class.

Friday, March 21st

Surfing 1 hour 50 minutes

Been having trouble sleeping last two nights, 4 hours a night, blah.

Bottom Turns 8/100

Interesting, when I started working on the bottom turns I had trouble on left-breaking waves with just spamming turns and I've started to watch the shoulder of the wave and see whether I should or shouldn't go for a turn.

Today, I made the mistake on a right. Throwing down one where it was not advised.

I'm really happy to have something to focus on when I'm out there. I love surfing, but there's a good feeling to be had when I'm working on a fundamental aspect of it too.

Running 30 minutes + Stretching 15 minutes

Barefoot on the beach.

Sunday, March 23rd

Soft Tissue: Foam Roll Upper Back + TFL. Trigger Point Serratus, Infraspinatus, VMO, Hip Flexors

Activation: Single-Leg Stepdown's [1 step] 25lbs x 15 each, Band Side Walk x 15 each, Sarhmann Level 3 x 10 each, Glute Bridge with Extension x 15 each

Stretching 5 minutes

Hip flexors, child's pose, child's pose to sides, shin box, butterfly, kneeling quad, standing straddle, overhead palms together

Dynamic Warm-Up 9 minutes

Running in Place, Bouncing, High Knees, Standing Twists (Mick Fanning style), Ba Gua 1, Jenga, Ba Gua 2, Leg Swings Front (on toes, Mick style), Ba Gua 3, Leg Swings Side (pivoting on ball of foot), Ba Gua 4, Leg Swings Back (on ball of foot)

Main Workout
1-Arm Explosive Medicine Ball Push-Press to High Ceiling 10lbs x 10 each x 3 sets
Clapping Bodyweight Rows on Smith Machine x 10, 9, 8
*Vertical Leap* (in open room to soft ceiling, middle-high point) x 6 x 3 sets
*Mountain Climbers* x 45 seconds/100 reps x 3 sets
Total Gym Core Trainer Hamstring Curls x 8, 7, 6
*High Windmill* 12kg x 10 each side x 3 sets

Accessories: Cable Neck Extensions/Flexion 15lbs x 15 each, Machine Rear Deltoids 50lbs x 15, DB Calf Raise* 20lbs x 15, Seated Calf Raise 25lbs x 15, DB Shin Raise 27.5lbs x 15, DB Lying External Rotation 5lbs x 15, DB Scarecrow's 5's x 15

* Barefoot

Stretching 15 minutes

Calves, Shins, Warrior 1, Glutes, Glute Medius, Rotation, Quads, Groin - Bent Leg, Hamstrings, Groin - Straight Leg, Lats, Chest, Front Splits,

Note: Jumps done with feet on thin foam rubber mat to absorb shock. A lot of mental "don't quit!" on last set of mountain climbers, when I was done my hip flexors were cramping.

Surfing 1 hour

Bottom Turns 9/100
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:21 pm

Week 3

M - Running, Meditation, Surfing
T - Rest
W - Full Body, Meditation
R- Rest (actually did the last 5 sets of my full-body workout, should have warmed up more though!)
F - Rest
S - Full Body, Running
SU - Rest

Monday, March 24th

Running 30 minutes + Stretching 15 minutes

Done barefoot on the beach.

I tried a little sprinting, but my adductors and hip flexors are crushed from the mountain climbers. Mid-back is blasted from the explosive rows. Obliques sore from windmills.

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Surfing 1.75 hours

Bottom Turns 1/100

Tuesday, March 25th

Found this squat mobility drill:

Wednesday, March 26th

Massage: Trigger Point x 20 for Serratus, Infraspinatus, TFL (TFL right only)

Warm-Up: Running, Bouncing, High Knees, Standing Twist (Mick), Ba Gua 1, Ginga, Ba Gua 2, Ginga with Outside Circle Kick, Ba Gua 3, Swinging Leg to Back, Ba Gua 4, Ginga with Front Kick

Stretch 5 minutes: Mountain Pose, Warrior 1, Mountain Pose, Warrior 1 (opposite side), Mountain Pose, Downward Dog, Warrior with Twist, Childs Pose, Warrior with Twist (opposite side), Childs Pose (hands to one side), Squat with Prayer, Child's Pose (hands to other side), Kneeling Quad, Standing Straddle, Kneeling Quad (other side)

Activate (should have done prior to warm-up, I think): Single-Leg Squat with Eyes Closed on Step +25lbs, Band Side Walk (first next time?), Sahrmann Level 4 x 15, Glute Bridge with Extension +12lbs

Main Workout
Clapping Pull-Ups x 3 sets of 3 PR!
Single-Leg Jump off Box* [2 blocks + step] x 12 each side x 3 sets
Lying Back Extension x 4.5 minutes
Medicine Ball Explosive Bench Press 10lbs x 20, 15, 15
Legs Up Crunch x 60 x 2 sets
Side Bends 45lb plate x 15 x 2 sets
Standing Row to Chest 87.5lbs x 20, 95lbs x 20
Glider Hamstring Curls x 20 x 3 sets

Accessories: Neck Harness Flexion/Extension 15lbs x 15 each, Standing DB Calf Raise 20lbs x 15, Seated Calf Raise 25lbs x 15, Reverse Fly Machine 55lbs x 15, DB External Rotation 5lbs x 15, DB External Rotation - Arm Wrestlers 5lbs x 15

Stretching: No time!!

* Barefoot

Note: Pad on box and ground for jumps. My friend Fabien tucked my chin and made me extend my neck on LBE's, felt easier - left arm was shaking violently. He also said to keep my knees and heels together, rotate my feet out and keep my legs straight and point my toes. On the Reverse Flys the physical therapist said I should bring my hands slightly further back, when I do my low traps fire. Good tip!

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Saturday, March 29th

1) Massage - Trigger Point: Infraspinatus and Serratus (x 1R/2L), TFL (R x 2)

2) Activate - Band Side Walk - Grey (fuego!), Step-Down off Aerobic Step 25's and eye's closed on some x 15, Sahrmann Level 4 x 12 each, Glute Bridge with Extension 12lbs x 15 each

3) Warm-Up - Running, Bouncing, High Knees, Twists (Mick Fanning), Ba Gua 1 x 8 each, Ginga x 8 each, Ba Gua 2 x 8 each, Ginga + Front Kick x 8 each, Ba Gua 3 x 8, Ginga + Outside Crescent x 8 each, Ba Gua 4 x 8, Ginga + Spinning Back Wheel Kick x 8 each (fun!!!!)

4) Stretch 5 minutes - Mountain Pose, Warrior 1, Mountain Pose, Warrior 1 (opposite side), Mountain Pose, Downward Dog, Warrior with Twist, Childs Pose, Warrior with Twist (opposite side), Childs Pose (hands to one side), Squat with Prayer, Child's Pose (hands to other side), Kneeling Quad, Standing Straddle, Kneeling Quad (other side), Upward Dog, Squat with Twist and Reach Either Side

5) Main Workout

Cybex Leg Press 270lbs x 20 x 3 sets
Lying Leg Curl 90lbs x 15, 12, 10
See-Saw Press 30's x 8 each, 6 each
Finger-Tip Push-Ups x 15, 12
L-Sit on Dip Bar (bent knee) x 30 seconds x 2 sets
Lean Back Lat Pull-Downs PG (basically rows) 110lbs x 20 x 3 sets
TRX Rows with Elbows Elevated x 17, 16
High Windmill 27.5lbs x 10 each x 3 sets

6) Accessories - None

7) Stretching 15 minutes


I'm conflicted about making changes as my chinning strength has been going up.

But....I added a chest pressing exercise to today and a row to upper chest.

Next time, I plan on adding an overhead pressing exercise and cutting the row to upper chest.

The goal is to increase overhead pressing strength and paddling speed for surfing. Have to see how it goes.

Running 35 minutes
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:47 pm

Week 4

I made the ultimate dumb decision in training for activity performance last week. I put the cart before the horse, or the training before the activity.

The waves were excellent Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday - but I was either worn out or too busy from trying to get workouts in.

This was compounded by an excessive work schedule for most of the week and running the day after training my legs (Sunday/Monday) which left my legs feeling shitty and tired.

Feeling focused. The waves are crap currently, but Wednesday they should be excellent. I don't want to miss another good day of surfing because of gym work outs or dumb scheduling mistakes as a trainer (basically booked myself for 12 hours straight, sun up to sun down).

Onwards and upwards!

M - Meditation, Surfing
T - Full-Body
W - Meditation
R - Surfing, Stabilizers
F - Running
S - Surfing
SU - Surfing x 2

Monday, March 31st

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Surfing 15 minutes

Tuesday, April 1st

Jogging on Treadmill, .5 miles, max speed 5.3

5 minutes yoga

DB Walking Lunges 55's x 10 each x 3 sets
DB Shoulder Press 30's x 15, 12

DB Incline Bench 60's x 17, 15, 12
Seated Hamstring Curls 120lbs x 20, 140lbs x 15, 15

Decline Leg Raise x 20, 20, 15

Standing Cable Row to Chest 95lbs x 20 x 3 sets
Low Windmill 35lbs x 15 x 3 sets

Extra Stuff: db VMO 22.5's, db calf's 27.5, seated calf 30, neck ext/flex 15+5, band ext rotation 1, machine rev fly 55lbs, shin raise 30, band side walk, 1-foot glute bridge off bench, db r cuff 2 6lb, sahrmann level 5

Stretching 15 minutes

Wednesday, April 2nd

Sore! Ass, inner thighs, abs, chest, back, obliques.

Group Meditation 30 minutes

Thursday, April 3rd

Surfing 1 hour

Cable Internal Rotation 1 x 30lbs x 15 each x 2 sets
DB Internal Rotation 2 6lbs x 15 each x 2 sets
Wall Slides x 15 x 2 sets
Scapular Push-Ups x 15 x 2 sets

I paddled so slow while surfing. The waves were epic and I couldn't really catch anything.

The above exercises always make my shoulders feel more stable.

I'll add them to my stabilizer routine in my workouts (they've been in, they've been out).

Found a tip for the triangle choke:

"Jordon Schultz showed a vid with a fairly simple solution... lock out your arms on your knees. If you can get there early enough you have structural instead of muscular strength working for ya. Then they're welcome to waste energy driving essentially into the ground."

April 4th, 2014

Running 30 minutes + Stretching 15 minutes

Ran all over. On the street, on a bike path, up and down some dirt hills, up the mountain by my house, down to the beach and on the sand. Forwards, backwards, sideways. Fun times.

April 5th, 2014

Surfing 4 hours

Total redemption from Thursday, turbo paddle. Still need to work on stuff: syncing my bottom turns with the wave, getting my foot over the tail (did better) and I dug my rail a bunch, but even still I had a lot of killer waves where I was very happy with my performance. Zonked out right now, zzzzz.

April 6th, 2014

Surfing 2.5 hours

Surfing 2 hours

This is the most I've surfed in 2 days ever. I worked on my bottom turn placement and my foot placement, both of which helped. I missed a couple barrel opportunities, both because I was thinking "this can't barrel." Need to cut that out. I caught a wave where I thought "I should do something different here," on a section, but I had no idea what it would be - an air?

Other notes: the second I feel the sun on me, go in and put more sunscreen on. I was starting at every hour which helped a ton, but then later an hour would pass and I'd be like "one more wave" and sit there for 15-20 minutes waiting for one, next time I'll go in.

At Lower's, I got to paddle a good ways north of the porta-potties to not destroy my feet on the walk in.
"When you seek it, you cannot find it.” — Zen riddle

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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:20 pm

Week 5

Decided that I have to be relentless with my sunscreen application, my hydration and my fruit/vegetable/good fat intake to keep my skin as healthy as possible with all my surfing.

I'm skipping today to let my skin rest, but it's good waves out there. I'm sore in my arms and back, and tired in my legs, so that's an additional reason to rest up.

Also, my body-fat is pretty low (around 9%), but I want to be leaner (around 7%), so I'm cutting my fruit juice out and reducing my banana, fruit in general and peanut butter intake (all foods that are related to fat storage for me/contain calories).

M - Meditation
T - Surfing x 2
W - Full-Body, Meditation
R - Surfing x 2
F- Running
S - Active Rest
SU - Full-Body

Monday, April 7th

Group Meditation 30 minutes

An interesting class today.

We started with a 3-4 minute body scan, looking for tension in the muscles. Sometimes I flexed and relaxed, other times I moved my limbs around.

Then 30 minutes lying down, focusing on inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, breathing deep into the belly. Observing thoughts, acknowledging them and letting them go.

Then 5 minutes in Savasana, breathing in and out through the nose. Trying to think of nothing and expect nothing.

Then 15 minutes outside connecting to nature (watching bugs and spider-webs, feeling leaves and rocks, whatever seemed good).

I was, and still am, as relaxed as I've been in weeks. Everything that was on my mind disappeared and I had a nice smile at the end of it.

I'd like to compile a list of mental/emotional states I go through: avoiding conflict, trying to be extra nice to make people be kind to me, trying to do the right thing, arrogance, loss of belief in myself, desire, etc.

Also, a good idea would be to think of a position for the hands to be in during the lying meditation. I'd like to differentiate it from the Savasana. Maybe cosmic mudra, or chin mudra.

Tuesday, April 8th

Upper body still sore. Surf is glorious, but still a little leery of sun-time (it's 87 degrees out!).

Ended up doing light band internal rotation 1 and 3, band external rotation 1 and bb external rotation 3 at 15 lbs.

Surfing 1.5 hours

Surfing 1 hour

I've noticed that when I talk about my surfing performance here or in conversation, I tend to get an attachment to my results going forwards.

Today I noticed an error I've been committing: bringing both my front and back feet too far forwards when I pop-up. This puts me in a sub-optimal position for controlling the board. Normally, I'd just add it to the list of things that I would work on. But since I had tied my identity to "being a good surfer," I experienced a lot of mental resistance to making a change. Thoughts like "this should be easy" or "why isn't this easy?," replaced my optimal state of non-attachment.

If I succeed at maintaining humility, I will end up creating a much more positive environment.

If I feel I've got too much sun, 45 minutes between sun-screen applications. If feel normal, 60 minutes between.

Also, I forgot that my new schedule is:

Lift 2x
Cardio 1x
Surf 1x or 4x
Random Workout 1x

Felt like I should have done yoga instead of my first surf session, arms were tired and flexibility felt off.

Wednesday, April 9th

Experimented with my skateboard stance on the way to work today. I see high level surfers letting their back knee buckle, so I walked my feet together to get the optimal amount of inwards knee flexion. Made my turns a little more fluid. Continuing to play with having my front hand lightly extended in front of my body, which has been a help as well for fluidity.

Massage - Infraspinatus x 2, Serratus x 2, VMO, TFL

Warm-Up: .5 miles jogging, max 4.9mph + 5 minutes yoga

Clapping Pull-Ups x 5PR, 4, 3, 3
Hill Sprints x 4
Alternating Explosive Medicine Ball Shoulder Press 10lbs x 10 each side x 2 sets, 16lbs x 10 each side x 2 sets
Crunches with Toes in The Air x 60, 41, 40, 35
Lying Super-Mans x 90 seconds x 4 sets

Accessories: VMO Step-Down (block + step) 15's, Slow Side Kicks, Slow Back Kicks, Toe Raise/Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise 25lbs, Foot Slides (other leg at 90 degrees), Wall Slides, Scapular Push-Ups, Cable Internal Rotation 1 35lbs, Band Internal Rotation 3, DB External Rotation 1 6lbs, DB External Rotation 2 5lbs, Band Reverse Fly (too easy), Lying Lateral Neck 10lbs x 2 sets

Meditation 30 minutes

Thursday, April 10th

Surfing 55 minutes

Surfing 70 minutes

Friday, April 11th

Running Barefoot 30 minutes + Stretching 15 minutes

Beach run at night.

Saturday, April 12th

Did a little skateboarding, just running a couple hills and working on my turns.

Feel I need to work on my rectus femoris strength and making sure to extend my lower lumbar spine. Two spots of weakness.

Sunday, April 13th

Massage - Trigger Point Serratus (tended to be too distal) x 2, Infraspinatus x 2, VMO, TFL

Warm-Up: .5 miles jogging @ max of 4.8 + 5 minutes yoga (warrior 1, 2, lunge with twist - maybe 1 lunge too many, sub quads?)

DB Clean and Press from 8" blocks 45's x 10, 10, 10; 50's x 10
Alternating Lateral 1-Foot on Box Hops 18" x 15 each x 2 sets, 16" x 15, 18" x 12
Hammer Row PG 60/60 x 18, 65/65 x 14, 14, 15
BB Full-Contact Twist Southpaw/Regular +15lbs x 8 each, +17.5lbs x 8
BB Lying Bench Row 95lbs x 13 (pause at top), 12, 9; 85lbs x 12 (arched back whole time)

Accessories: Slow Front Kicks, Slow Roundhouse Kicks (maybe should have switched to side walk), VMO Step-Down 6" 15's, Calf Raise/Shin Raise 10's, Slow Back Kicks, Deep Breathing Contracting my TVA (5 breaths), Wall Slides, DB Shrugs 27.5's (too light), Lying Lateral Neck Flexion 10lbs x 15, Standing Cable Reverse Fly 5's, Cable Internal Rotation 1 35lbs, 2 25lbs, DB Side Lying External Rotation 5lbs, Standing BB External Rotation 15lbs
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bud Charniga's grape ape » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:28 pm

Bram wrote:[(all foods that are related to fat storage for me/contain calories).
Are there foods that aren't related to fat storage or don't contain calories? :-k

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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:33 pm

Bud Charniga's gaping asshole wrote:
Bram wrote:[(all foods that are related to fat storage for me/contain calories).
Are there foods that aren't related to fat storage or don't contain calories? :-k

I was trying to cover both aspects with what I wrote, but I guess I didn't make it clear.

Obviously, cutting any foods out will lower my caloric intake which should help lean me out.

So drinking less juice is going to be me consuming less calories, regardless of the fat storage capacity of food.

Lean protein consumption is correlated to lower abdominal fat levels (among other studies), so that would be a food that isn't related to fat storage in a broad sense. You could potentially get fat on super lean canned tuna, but it's very doubtful.

But traditionally, lots of juice, fruit and peanut butter (plus beer, ice cream, etc. and a lot of other foods I don't normally eat) has led to higher body-fat levels in me. And cutting it out has led to lower levels of body-fat.

Hope that is a better explanation.
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:09 pm

Week 6


M - Surfing, Meditation, Skateboarding
T - Active Rest
W - Meditation, Skateboarding
R - Full Body
F - Rest
S - Skateboarding, Surfing
SU - Surfing x 2

Monday, April 14th

Surfing 30 minutes

Meditation 30 minutes

Breathing, Posture, Let Go

I liked this tidbit:
Brutal Bajan wrote:This is kind of what I'm doing with the Bed Bath and Beyond 531 I'm running now.

Working up to 85% of your training max and then 1-3 singles over that, and then backing off to 70-80% for 3-5 sets of 5-8 reps. I like it so far.
Skateboarding 15-20 minutes

Power-Slides over and over. Nailed front, back, front, back - which was a definite goal.

The backside I have to throw my arms all the way out. It was very challenging getting the front at first, and then the back was much harder, but I just kept going for it.


Tuesday, April 15th

Active Rest.

Was kind of tired today, so skateboarded around town running errands (almost ate it bad after hitting a crack). Later hung out and did a bunch of stretching on trees and a jungle gym, then played soccer with my buddy for his birthday.

Wednesday, April 16th

Meditation 30 minutes

I noticed 3 things distracting me: worrying about time (wanting it to be over), worrying about what other people thought of me (can't remember what, but people in class were moving around) and my own thoughts.

Each of these things brought me out of the moment, so will try to look out for them in my day to day life.

Forgot to do the body-scan at the beginning.

Skateboarding 30 minutes

Thursday, April 17th

Massage - Trigger Point on Infraspinatus (x 2), Serratus (x 2), TFL, VMO

Warm-Up - stretch calves and hip flexors, .5 mile run at Max 5.0 + 5 minutes yoga + 2 minutes stretching groin and glutes

BB Squat Wide Stance [6 blocks + 3 5's] 185 x 15, 13, 12
BB Shoulder Press 85lbs x 13, 12
Seated Hammer Row 65/65 x 20, 70/70 x 13
Decline Sit-Up with Hands in Prayer x 15, 13, 8
Finger-Tip Push-Ups x 13, 11, 8
Lying Hamstring Curl 90lbs x 15, 12, 10
DB Windmill - Low 35lbs x 10, 40lbs x 10 x 3 sets

Accessories: VMO Step-Down [1 block + step] 17.5's, Cable Reverse Fly's 5's x 15, Band Side Walk - Blue at Ankles, Leg Extensions 35lbs, Standing DB Calf Raise 20lbs, Seated Calf Raise 30lbs, Shin Raise 27.5lbs, Glute Bridge with Extension 15lbs x 14, Sahrmann Level 5 x 8, DB Shrugs 35's, Low Trap Cable Raise 15lbs, Cable Internal Rotation 1 40lbs, Cable Internal Rotation 3 30lbs, Cable External Rotation 1 20lbs, DB External Rotation 6lbs


"Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate way." ~ Chuang Tzu

Saturday, April 19th

Skateboarding 1 hour

Surfing 1.5 hours

Sunday, April 20th

Surfing 45 minutes

Surfing 2 hours
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:56 pm

Week 7

M - Full-Body

Monday, April 21st

Massage: Trigger Point Infraspinatus x 2, Serratus x 2, VMO, TFL
Warm-Up: .5 miles on treadmill max 4.5, 5 minutes yoga

Bulgarian Split-Squats 30's x 15, 10
Glute-Ham Raise x 15, 12
BB Shoulder Press 95lbs x 10 x 2 sets
Wide-Grip Pull-Up (pulling to left wrist, down, then right wrist) x 6 x 2 sets
Knuckle Push-Ups x 20, 15
BB Chest-Supported Rows to Chest 80lbs x 20, 15
Leg Raise +10lbs x 15, 12
Warrior 3 x 45 seconds each side x 2 sets

Accessories: VMO Step (1 block + step) 17.5's, Slow Kicks Front/Roundhouse/Back, Adductor Machine 5th setting, Breathing with TVA Contraction x 5, Cable Internal Rotation 1 40lbs, 2 30lbs, DB External Rotation 1 7.5lbs (nice!), 3 6's, Reverse Shrugs on Dip Bar, Yes's, No's, 1-Arm Scap Push-Ups x 10, Reverse Wrist Curls 25lbs, DB Shrugs 40's

Stretching 10 minutes

Surfing 2 hours

Man, I've not really been feeling surfing the past few weeks. I've been going out, usually catching almost nothing, getting my ass kicked by the waves some of the time.

But physically I feel good, I don't know. It's like my confidence is off. Sometimes in the past I've paddled into the middle of all the top guys and scrapped for waves, but it's been a while. I feel like all the bad vibes that get thrown around while surfing have finally gotten to me. I used to just paddle into anything, but the negative energy has kind of worn me out.

I was sitting there today, thinking "if I hadn't gone surfing, what else could I be doing? Getting some groceries, hanging out with friends, reading a book." Maybe I'll back off on it and just do 5 workouts a week of whatever - yoga, surf, skateboard, martial arts, more lifting.
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Re: Bram's Exercise Programming

Post by Bram » Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:11 pm

Did a review of my current training, and my training when I've done the best for my surfing.

Came to the conclusion that I'm overtraining AND being too strict with my programming.

I'd like to say I've ironed out any conflicts, but I'm still divided between dynamic warm-ups prior to weight training vs. running a half-mile vs. just light ramp up sets.

Format going forwards for strength training - two days a week.

1) Foam Roll or Massage
2) Dynamic Warm-Up (maybe)
3) Main Workout - mixture of athletic and strength, no dedicated day.

Upper Push
Upper Pull
Lower Push
Lower Pull

4) Stabilizers

1/4 different stabilizer workouts (extra rows, internal and external rotation, posterior and medial glute training, obliques)

5) Stretching

Hopefully this will get me sleeping again (1 month with only 2 full nights of sleep, avg 3-5 hours), crushing my surfing and improving my general mood.

The training difference will be

A) a massive reduction in my stabilization training (about 12 less sets per workout)
B) a more free-flowing format, reducing repetitiveness and increasing motivation
C) possibly the reintroduction of dynamic warm-ups.
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