New Year, New Log

Post your training journals here if you like. I'll make back-ups to avoid losing your data.

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Re: New Year, New Log

Post by Alfred_E._Neuman » Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:44 am

Tues 3/31/15

Before breakfast:

Bent press:
16kg x 5 l/r
24kg x 3 x 3 sets l/r
alternated with
10 x 4 sets

28kg x 3 singles

3 x 3 sets

Skip rope/swing x 3
100 or so varying skips/40 swings with 28kg, mix of 1-arm, 2-arm, H2H

Wed 4/01/15
Row before breakfast.
30:48.0, 7551m.
Steady state, but picked it up for the last 1500m or so to a comfortably hard pace.

Thurs 4/02/15

Foam roll and yoga before breakfast.
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