Working Out, Surfing and Meditating

Post your training journals here if you like. I'll make back-ups to avoid losing your data.

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Re: Working Out, Surfing and Meditating

Post by motherjuggs&speed » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:12 am

For building good mantras or tips, it's helpful to look at what is best practice in domains where the stakes are high. For example I read somewhere that the Secret Service has codes for everything but their code word for gun is "gun". No thought, no "oh shit what's the code again", no "that's not the right code dummy", no one forgetting what code purple or whatevs means, they just blurt out what the thing is and everyone knows what they mean. The aviation industry has apparently changed procedures so that "takeoff" is only used on mic when clearing a plane to push the throttles and go right then, because a pilot was told, "wait for takeoff because there's a plane crossing the runway" and part of that got lost, with a lot of people dying as a result. Likewise "souls on board", meaning total people, not going back and forth with x passengers, y crew, how many total? yada yada when seconds count.

A few examples I've come across, maybe they will help with creating triggers or reminders --

Good to go. The Marine Corp uses this. Can you do the thing if we say do that thing? Not necessarily perfectly but make it happen.

Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. Not just, "try not to shoot anyone accidentally".

Look where you want to go. This from a really good maintain biker. It came to mind when I needed it and I did that and it saved me from getting hurt bad.

Work fast, throw strikes, change speeds. Pitchers tend to overthink things, the golden rules help them do what's important.

Plan the dive and dive the plan.

You get the idea. I'm constantly trying to build my own, wish I could give you some to try out but it's a work in progress.

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Re: Working Out, Surfing and Meditating

Post by Bram » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:33 am

First off, thank you motherjuggs&speed for the multiple thoughtful comments!

Second, I randomly was going to do a short entry that gels with what you're talking about.

Third, if anyone is interested, two comments ago motherjuggs&speed mentioned this book (which I plan to investigate): ... 1936891034

I haven't considered the "What would a pro do?" approach to coming up with these focal points, but I think that's a great starting point!


Today (Saturday), I had two exceptional surfing sessions.

I stuck with what seems to be my best surfing mantra:

"feel, connect, be present, flow, style, look, rhythm, have fun, relax, don't hurry"

There were times today where my mind wandered, or my self-critic reared it's head, but I tried to stick with the process (my mantra; my training in the gym; selecting my surf spots based on the tide, wind, and swell; choosing my board based on feel; choosing where I waited for the waves based on experience and adapting to the day).

I pulled off one of my best frontside turns that I ever have, and my first backside carve.
I chose spots (which my friends dismissed) based on my research of combo swells and tide heights.
As well as waited until when I estimated the crowds would disappear.

It really was a 10/10 day. 4.5 hours, lots of good waves, but also lots of patiently waiting for the extra big, special waves.


But that's not all of the story, in direct response to motherjuggs&speed, I have also implemented a series of mantras in other things in life, with great success. Here they are:

Personal Training: be smart, be funny, take care
Disagreements: dialogue, kindness, compassion
Belongings: clean, spark joy
Be careful with your words, for someone will agree with them. Be careful of your conduct, for someone will imitate it.

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