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Post by T2J2M2 » Tue Apr 05, 2005 12:59 am

I just got the X-Vest. 84 pound fireman super manly model. It costs 300 $. It's nice and comfortable. Easy to use, with good balence. I shall use it for my combat conditioning drills.
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Post by Turdacious » Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:25 am

The X vest is a great tool. It is nice for Combat Conditioning drills because you can adjust the weight load-- not only the total amount, but where the weight is on the body. It is the best substitute for body armor on the market, and it is nice for variety for ruck marching. Anyone who wears or may need to wear body armor for a living needs this tool. The vest is also comfortable to run in.
I had problems running in it with weights in the back only-- the vest rode up on my neck. That was the only complaint I had. One of these days I will get around to wearing it while doing KB drills.

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Post by Fat Cat » Tue Apr 05, 2005 4:15 pm

I agree, this is a superior product. Very well made and the weight distribution is about as good as could be hoped for. It is very "balenced" as you say T2.

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