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Post by Fat Cat » Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:54 pm

I only went to see it because it has Joachim Phoenix, one of my favorite actors. It turned out to be surprisingly good, if a bit exhausting to watch. Phoenix is pretty amazing in it, which is good because it's a slow burn character study where he evokes the most awkward moments of work of Andy Kaufman or the pure psychosis of Martin Sheen by turns. As a film it is most reminiscent of Scorsese's 1970s early 80s works, like Mean Streets, The King of Comedy, and most of all, Taxi Driver.

There are also a few moments which also offer new interpretations of the Bat-Universe.

4/5 meows

EDIT: I see a lot of criticism of the film for it's "muh social programs" messaging, and I think that's pretty legitimate, although I would expect nothing less from the luxury values left wing Hollyweird establishment.
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