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Post by Fat Cat » Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:54 pm

I only went to see it because it has Joachim Phoenix, one of my favorite actors. It turned out to be surprisingly good, if a bit exhausting to watch. Phoenix is pretty amazing in it, which is good because it's a slow burn character study where he evokes the most awkward moments of work of Andy Kaufman or the pure psychosis of Martin Sheen by turns. As a film it is most reminiscent of Scorsese's 1970s early 80s works, like Mean Streets, The King of Comedy, and most of all, Taxi Driver.

There are also a few moments which also offer new interpretations of the Bat-Universe.

4/5 meows

EDIT: I see a lot of criticism of the film for it's "muh social programs" messaging, and I think that's pretty legitimate, although I would expect nothing less from the luxury values left wing Hollyweird establishment.
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Re: Joker

Post by Bram » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:42 pm

Watched this last night and don't know how to review it from a 1-10 perspective.

Joaquin Phoenix destroys in this role, he's phenomenal.

But fuck, I found this movie just miserable to watch after about the 20 minute mark (where he does his first killing). It's so relentlessly miserable and oppressive. And continues to get more-so.

I talked to a few people and some opinions differed - some felt more sympathy towards the mentally unwell (which I did too), but felt it didn't glorify his transformation from whipping boy to vengeful force. I found that it did and made me think it was a socially irresponsible choice to make in an era of mass shootings (man finds purpose and meaning after murdering people).

It is noteworthy that the handful of people I talked to took so many different things from it. I would prefer to un-see it or to have skipped it. But now I can see that it's going to appeal a lot of different people (my co-worker thought it was one of the best films he's ever seen).
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