Zane - Body, Mind and Spirit

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bill fox
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Zane - Body, Mind and Spirit

Post by bill fox » Tue Jan 10, 2006 2:05 pm

The book is a year long dairy including all the training days and off days. It starts out "present day" in the 90s when Zane is in his 50s. At various points he goes back to an old training journal and you'll get a couple weeks of his training leading up to his first Mr. Universe or last Olympia or whatever. Allows you to compare. Intersting although anyone with a passing knowledge of BB isn't going to find anything new and startling. He leans toward lots of variety and less sets, particularly now. So he'll do 2 sets of 5 lifts for back v. 5 sets of 2 lifts.

The days in between are REALLY a matter of taste. Clearly he was at least trying to be a deep thinker for a BBer, quoting Jung, Zen etc...but strays often into early new age bad poetry.

When that happens you have to remeber he looked like this

He's the inspirational pic on the left side today - obviously this link is only good today.

I paid $6 bucks on amazon well worth the addition to the collection.

Abandoned by Wolves
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Post by Abandoned by Wolves » Sat Mar 11, 2006 10:39 pm

Kind of like Draper's "Brother Iron, Sister Steel" are just so pleased to find a beach boy muscle head trying to express his deeper side , it almost doesn't matter what he actually says.

And to be fair, Zane doesn't come off any worse than Dr. George Sheehan's "Running and Being".

I like Chuck Klosterman's take: We can argue endlessly about cuture and ethics and literature, but all the really important questions about love and fate and sex What It All Means can be expressed better in a f*king 5 minute song by Fleetwood Mac than all the philosophical tracts ever written.

"I also think training like a Navy S.E.A.L. is stupid for the average person. I would say PT like an infantry unit, run, body weight stuff, hump a little, a little weights and enjoy life if you are not training for specifics." -tough old man

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