Cotter's Encyclopedia of KB lifting 2

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bill fox
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Cotter's Encyclopedia of KB lifting 2

Post by bill fox » Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:24 pm


As always Steve is agreat instructor in terms of clarity and form. The production is also excellent. It's 6 DVDs. Get out your lighter bells too.

If you do a sport and are already experienced with KBs this is a goldmine. There's a harder/cooler/more explosive variation of every drill you do. There's lot's of joint mobilty and bodyweight stuff with KBs. If you do a martial art, particularly striking, it's the best thing I've seen on the S&C training side, period.

The last DVD is Steve doing a "typical" workout for him. He really doesn't do anything that flashy (relatively speaking) but actually seeing a guy at this level train is very cool. He even misses a couple reps.

For the price of an hour with a trainer this is a complete no brainer purchase.
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Post by lopa » Thu Aug 31, 2006 4:34 pm

He really is inventive. I thought I'd get it more as support to Steve (not that he needs it) but I didn't think there'd be much for me to play with. Wrong, wrong and more wrong. Lots for GS. Things I would never have thought of doing. Vertical swings. Bottoms up vertical swing with the twist - I really had fun with that last night. Shrugs in the lockout. Stuff that is very cool but given my limited imagination I would have never thought of myself. Pushing kbs along the floor. I'm going to wreck my house. It will probably be worth it though.
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