Kettlebells for Fat Loss & Limit Strength

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Kettlebells for Fat Loss & Limit Strength

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:47 am

Author Topic: Kettlebells for Fat Loss & Limit Strength
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posted July 31, 2004 10:32 AMJuly 31, 2004 10:32 PM
" a blow torch melting butter."

A blow torch can't melt anything, not even butter if you don't light the flame.

Kettlebells do nothing. They are inanimate lifeless objects. They are merely handy weights that can be used to perform calorie burning resistence exercises.

The more continued repetitions with whatever exercise one does, the more calories burned. The less food one eats while on such a regimen over time, the more calories from fat will be expended.

One can gain limit strength up to the limit of the weight of the kettlebell available. Otherwise, the exercises published by PT, Steve Maxwell,et al, when done in their entirety address every component that constitutes fitness such as the 16 components of fitness listed and described by Hatfield(Dr.Squat).

Said exercises can be performed with kettlebells, or any other implement imaginable...sandbags, rocks, weight plates, dumbbells, etc. etc. but the kettlebell is the handiest IMO.

I would guess that the swing can burn as many calories as the snatch. So what's your pleasure?

How's that for an explanation and clarification, you dumb fuckers?

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