Jack R. on Intensity (lifted from DD Forum)

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Jack R. on Intensity (lifted from DD Forum)

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:52 am

Author Topic: Jack R. on Intensity (lifted from DD Forum)
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If you look at what the Eastern bloc does, they never go below 50% and work mostly around 75-85%.I do this on raw days waving volume. I don't have time to check the spread on that but for most this builds the best strength base. WSB applies Siff's concept of training for speed if strong and strength if fast. 50% is great for speed, but you need accomadating resistance (bands and chains) so you body applies max force all the way through ROM. ME work above 90% prepares the CNS for big weights and closes gap behind max strength and limit strength. I like ME work in gear to hone that groove too.

PL and Oly are different as Oly weights are submaximal, which is why they move fast. PL weights are supramaximal. Despite Staley, both need to turn on fibers fast. Interestingly, Oly guys need to infrequentlty do heavier squats and jerks from racks, and PLers need to do speed work once in a while to be the best they can be.

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