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Post by Tom » Sun Dec 24, 2006 5:25 pm

Muscular Development 1971 April


The Super Method of Gaining Muscle and Bulk

By Bradley J. Steiner

GETTING BIG AND STRONG is easy. It's easier than you think, and this month we're going to show you exactly how you can do it.
Decades ago a sure-fire method of rapidly gaining bodyweight was discovered, and today, despite all of the new super-schedules and routines that are highly advertised, the method still remains the BEST. It consists of doing heavy, breathing-style squats, a couple of other exercises (which are really inconsequential compared to the Squat), and drinking so much milk that you begin to float. This method of bulking up and gaining body weight is so effective that you've got to be careful not to overdo it!
You can gain (and some men actually HAVE gained) a hundred pounds of body weight if you drink enough milk, eat right, and work hard and heavy enough on your squats.
That's the routine. You have to start out with moderate weights only don’t try to use all the weight you can handle for the first two or three weeks --and gradually keep pushing the poundages way upon all of your exercises . . . especially the SQUAT.
Work up to one-hundred pounds OVER your bodyweight for the breathing squats, and if you're serious about this whole project, you'll aim for one-hundred and fifty pounds over your bodyweight! I'm not kidding. You've practically got to kill yourself on your squats if you want to get the kind of results that are possible. Work this hard, and I promise you that you'll gain all the strength, bulk, bodyweight and size that you desire. This is virtually guaranteed, provided there is nothing organically wrong with you.
Please, let me emphasize that this program is for real skinny guys. The schedule is designed to bulk you up and make you strong with a capital "S"! It's not a Mr. America routine that will build shape and symmetry.
Just plain bulk and power. And if you're skinny. . . that's just what you need.
Since the squat is the core of this program, let's make sure that you understand exactly how it should be performed.
You begin by having the barbell across your shoulders-PADDING

UNDER THE BAR, PLEASE! and you stand with feet about twelve to fifteen inches apart. (I elevate my heels on a 2 in x 4 in. board for better balance and a more solid "feel" in the exercise, and I suggest you try this yourself.) Your toes should be facing out at about a forty-five degree angle.
Keep your back very flat, and keep your head up, eyes fixed on an imaginary spot above your head. Now you take in three huge, gulping breaths, and you squat. Then you drive up hard. You repeat the deep breaths, and you squat again (never, by the way, going below parallel position).
You fight and drive until you reach the tenth repetition. Now you suck in FIVE deep, gulping breaths between each repetition-and you finish your twen ty-rep set in that fashion.
If you do the squat as described above, and if you try to add ten pounds to the bar each week, then you'll grow like a horse. That is, IF you eat well, and if you make it your business to drink enough MILK. This is the second essential to becoming a human Hercules.
You should drink three quarts of whole milk every day. Nothing less will do. You couple this with a wholesome diet of lean meats, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and whole grain wheat products EVERY DAY. This will slap weight on you like nothing on earth!
Follow the course as outlined (along with the milk and diet advice) for twelve weeks. Then resume a more normal diet-much less milk, and much less of everything else, too-unless you want to run into serious trouble! Take a two-week layoff. At this point you can either train on the routine again for another two months or so, or switch to a different schedule of exercises. No matter how you slice it, though, you'll be as big as a house . . . and as powerful as a truck.
The schedule is as close to a "sure thing" as anything human can be. It will work, but it will work ONLY IF YOU WILL. SO HOW ABOUT IT?

Here's the dope on how the schedule works:

You train three times a week on the following program
1. Warm-up with prone hyper-extensions. .. 1 x 20
2. Breathing squats. . . 1 x 20
3. Very light, deep-breathing pullovers. . . 1 x 20
4. Two-arm Press... 2 x 8-10
5. Two-arm curl. . . 1 x 10
6. Bent-over barbell rowing. . . 2 x 8-10

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I prefer his manual on "self defense" with a straight razor.

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