Vibraton Drills

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Vibraton Drills

Post by Dave » Sun Dec 24, 2006 9:18 pm

No NOT vibrator drills

The basic version of a Vibration Drill comprises the following (focus on developing skill with one performance goal, then cycle to another, until you can accomplish all simultaneously):

The Sag: Standing, let your head hang forward and your forehead, jaw, and lips relax. Your arms hang dead at your side. Your pelvis tilts upward, and shoulders roll slightly forward. You hunch over slightly, but not too much that your alignment compresses your lungs greatly.

The Anchored Jump: Repeatedly jump without your feet leaving the ground. This technique looks like you try to lightly push off the ground, but your feet remain glued.

The Shrug: The above step adds the stimulation for allowing your shoulders to shrug from the motion. The higher you can cause your shoulders to slide, the better.

The Nod: Step 2 will further cause your head to nod, though never back so high that you stand erect; always sagging.

Do this basic Vibration Drill for approximately 3 minutes – one set. The restoration technique is excellent for removing residual tension and segueing to post-training activities. It has also helped exercise-induced insomnia. As with all exercise programs, consult your physician before engaging in any physical activity. If you have any questions about exercises explained above please direct them to:

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