Westside Approach Using Kettlebells From green ghost

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Westside Approach Using Kettlebells From green ghost

Post by Trip » Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:23 am

Ok, I have used the Westside Max Effort and Dynamic Effort method at least 3 times in the past 2 years. I've tried it for the following movements. 2 KB Presses, 2 KB Dead Clean + Presses, Swing Snatches and Swings.

For 2 KB Presses ( short cycle ) I've used chains for DE day and found that doing triples for 10 sets was adequate. I used a small secondary chain to attatch the main chain to the KB, so when I was in the rack position I only had the fixed weight of whatever KB I was using at the time. Main chain would engage ( evenly ) as soon as I started pressing all the way to lockout.

For ME 2 KB Press day I stuck with using only KBs, as opposed to switching weekly to other overhead fixed weight lifting tools such as BBs, DBs, or heavy Med balls. However, I did use JS Green Bands for an occasional ME day for some low volume work to help address lockout weakness. Mini bands were also used for warmup purposes and were done using an explosive manner. 3-5 sets of triples and I was ready to press max!

2 KB Dead Clean + Presses were done ( different training cycle ) without the use of chains. Since it was 1 clean for every press I used mainly a fixed weight of 53s for speed work and going up to 80s for ME work.
The reason I used the Dead Clean as opposed to the Swing Clean was because the Dead version training load ( being much harder ) was a close match and didn't overpower my pressing load numbers and ability.

For Swings and Snatches it was again mostly fixed weight being used for the weekly ME and DE workouts. The only exception to this was when I substituted either or sometimes even both in favor of 2 hand Hi-Pulls with
my 145 lb KB. I attatched a mini band for speed work and for ME work I added fixed weight for some max pulls. Great assist. exercise for swings or snatches!!

I don't do pistols so I can't help you there but I have used Westside for DE and ME using both chains and bands. Again great way to increase your 1 rep chinning strength. Use 10 sets of doubles or triples for DE and 5-7 ME pulls a week and you'll see an improvement.

Main thing for me has always been to never to focus on more than a few ( 2-3 ) movements per training cycle.

Hope this helps

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