Jack R on Overtraiing from DD

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Jack R on Overtraiing from DD

Post by Dave » Thu Mar 10, 2005 3:48 pm

there are days where you do some easy work called active rest days, days you do nada called rest days, and back off days are half the volume and 60-80% of the volume of your main drill. You would also cut back your cardio, MA, bodyweight, etc.

If you are overtrained, you need to worry about overtraining, not your metabolism. If you are run down, your metabolism will go in the toilet.

Get over it or go nowhere!!!

full thread http://forum.dragondoor.com/training/message/323325%5C
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Post by Trip » Thu Mar 10, 2005 3:50 pm

M&M's follow up is very good as well.............

Many trainees make the mistake of being stimulus freaks. This means that they are more addicted to the stimulus of training, than making training progress. I have been there and believe me it is a lame place to be. Nothing like doing more work and getting less in return.

Get over the need to train all of the time. You need rest days in which you do no training for both your mind and body. Training too much and too often will just release a lot of cortisol (stress hormone) and then you can say goodybe to getting stronger or losing fat. Train in order to make progress not for the stimulus.

Mike Mahler

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