Lots and Lots of Routines

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Lots and Lots of Routines

Post by The Venerable Bogatir X » Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:20 am

Someone with a lot of time on their hands:

http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/Definitive_ ... 463/tm.htm

Great resource.

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Post by Sassenach » Fri Jun 08, 2007 2:01 am

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Re: Lots and Lots of Routines

Post by dogchild » Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:19 pm

This is a dead link, but can be viewed in the Internet Archive here:
http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www ... 463/tm.htm


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Re: Lots and Lots of Routines

Post by dogchild » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:26 pm

And they changed their url formatting at the wayback machine. Direct link here:

http://web.archive.org/web/200804151241 ... 463/tm.htm

and to avoid further inconvenience-note that a lot of these links are broken, though.


2 day

Workout Less And Achieve More- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler62.htm

Part Time Beast- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459274

Iron John: PVC and Press-Ups- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=834265

Holiday Workout Program- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1376096

The Strong SHALL Survive- http://www.tc.umn.edu/~keen0018/strong.htm

Bodyweight Exercises For Size And Strength- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler57.htm

Charles Staley A-B split- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1383727

The MacGyver Workout- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459514 (Good routine for when you have limited equipment)

3 day

Renaissance Body Development- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=700722

Strong Eye for the Weak Guy- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1219624

Iron John: AIT Training- http://t-nation.com/findArticle.do;jses ... 7-training

The "Secret Workout"- http://www.dragondoor.com/articler/mode3/279/

Vasily's "Master of Masters" Training Program- http://danjohn.org/hmm.html

The WOR 2004. The World's Finest Workout Randomizer...don't settle for fakes!- http://danjohn.org/day.pdf

Perfect 10 Training- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=725763

The Art of Waterbury- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=693794

Primed For Muscle- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=635888

Hybrid Hypertrophy- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=580380

SOB Training- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=561180

The Waterbury Method- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=534922

Lift Fast, Get Big- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=529331

Triple Total Training- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=476508

Powerful Partials Program- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1421267

Custom Hypertrophy Program- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1426092

Training Economy- http://www.defrancostraining.com/articl ... conomy.htm

Undulating Periodization Part Two- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/alwyn4.htm

Undulating Periodization Part Three- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/alwyn5.htm

Madcow variation- Intermediate Program- http://www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/5 ... ar_5x5.htm

Classic Football Strength Training- http://www.strengthcats.com/classicfootballII.htm

New Lifter Routine- http://www.deepsquatter.com/strength/ar ... nrodt4.htm

training routine #1- http://www.animalpak.com/html/article_d ... raining%0A

training routine #3- http://www.animalpak.com/html/article_details.cfm?ID=46

Customized Volume Training- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=543803

Rest Pause Training- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460483

The Compound Solution For Puny Arms- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler74.htm

GTG for Bigger Arms- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler23.htm

Pump Up the Volume for your Body Type- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler64.htm

Super Charging The 5x5 Program For Massive Strength Gains- http://www.mikemahler.com/5x5.html

Charles Staley A-B split- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1383727

George State University's research on optimal hypertrophy- http://www2.gsu.edu/~wwwfit/hyper.html

Animal Mass' (Matt Reynolds) Favourite routines- http://forum.mesomorphosis.com/training ... 33013.html

DoggCrapp Training- http://www.intensemuscle.com/showthread.php?t=16023

Comeback Training: How to Get Your Lazy Butt Back in the Gym by Marc McDougal- http://www.mindandmuscle.net/mindandmus ... p?artID=20

The Quest for Size and Strength by Mike Robertson- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems.com ... quest.html

Hypertrophy Specific Training by Bryan Hancook- http://www.hypertrophy-specific.com/hst_index.html

4 day +

Build Muscle & Lose Fat Simultaneously?- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kelly3.htm

A Training Philosophy For Solid Mass Gain- http://www.higher-faster-sports.com/tra ... sophy.html

The Skinny-Fat Ecto Part II- http://www.higher-faster-sports.com/skinnyfatecto2.html

Training for Easy Hard Gainers- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=498093

Training for Easy Hard Gainers II- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=524650

Single’s Club- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=459290

The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program, Part II- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=459211

Quattro Dynamo- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=459216

Westside for Skinny Bastards- http://www.defrancostraining.com/articl ... stside.htm

Westside for Skinny Bastards II- http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles/articles.htm

Undulating Periodization Part One- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/alwyn3.htm

training routine #6- http://www.animalpak.com/html/article_details.cfm?ID=49

10 Reasons To Do The 3x3 Program For Strength Or Size- http://www.mikemahler.com/3x3.html

Testosterone and Growth Hormone Workouts- http://www.mikemahler.com/testosterone.html

54321 Shut Up And Train!- http://www.mikemahler.com/54321.html

High Frequency Training: More Frequency Equals Faster Results- http://www.mikemahler.com/HFT.html

3-5 Gradual High Volume Program For Incredible Gains In Size And Strength- http://www.mikemahler.com/gradual.html

Rotation Training For Multiple Goals- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler76.htm

16 Week Training Cycle! No More Confusion- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler59.htm

Westside for Bodybuilders by Kethnaab- http://www.fortifiediron.com/invision/i ... opic=32713

MT's Chris Mason's Hypertrophy Routine- http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/m_1606251/tm.htm

Advanced Trainers

The Torso Solution by Christian Thibadeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1403235

HSS-100: Shoulder Specialization by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1151810

HSS-100: Back Specialization by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1076164

Most Powerful Program Ever?The HSS-100 Program — Bodybuilding With an Edge by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1031781

HSS-100: Chest Specialization by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1236824

12 weeks to war-ready guns! by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=840637

East European Bodybuilding by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=604433

Shoulders Overhaul by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=469072

Optimized Volume Training by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459276

Pendulum Bodybuilding by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459408

Bodybuilding's Next Frontier by Chad Waterbury- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=905832

Vince Gironda's 8x8 routine- http://www.ironguru.com/Home/tabid/637/ ... d-8x8.aspx

Vince Gironda's 10-8-6-15 routine- http://www.palmieribodybuilding.com/10% ... rticle.pdf

Vince Gironda's Train 21 days rest 7 routine- http://www.palmieribodybuilding.com/FromTrain21.pdf

Unchartered Leg Routines to Pack on Size by Mike Mahler- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler26.htm

Westside for Bodybuilders (a bench specialisation program) by Joel Marion- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=850882

The Gironda System by Christian Thibadeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1100725

High Performance Core Training by Mike Robertson- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1098876

New Arm Size, Right Now by Charles Poliquin- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1068503

Hypertrophy Booster Shots by Chad Waterbury- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1063194

Sicilian Volume Training by Paul Contrazo- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1532758

Hamstrings times two by Charles Poliquin- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=773872

The "No Curl" Biceps Program, Part Two by Alwyn Cosgrove- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=797992

8 weeks to monster shoulders by Chad Waterbury and Alwyn Cosgrove- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=818555

Heavy Duty GTG by Mike Mahler- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler77.htm

The lost art of Hamstring training by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=826798

12 weeks to war-ready guns! by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=840637

The Holiday Program by Alwyn Cosgrove- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=843024

Pendulum Training- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=459408

Renegade Bodybuilding- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=459589

Hardcore Bodybuilding Routine- http://www.tc.umn.edu/~keen0018/size.htm



Workout Less And Achieve More- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler62.htm

Five Killer Tips To Improve Your Military Press- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler61.htm

Rotation Training For Multiple Goals- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler76.htm

Rest Pause Training To Train The CNS For Super Strength- http://www.mikemahler.com/restpause.html

High Frequency Training For Dramatic Strength Gains- http://www.mikemahler.com/HFT.html

Pendulum Powerlifting by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459551

Vitaly Papazov. Training program- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/pap ... ning00.htm

Sergey Popov. Bench Press training program- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/documents/popov.htm

Boris Sheiko. CMS & MS training program #1- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/sheikocms-ms1.htm

Boris Sheiko. Beginners' training program #2- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/sheikotraining2.htm

Yuri Ustinov. Sheiko training test- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/bizontest2.htm

Tom O'Brien's 3 Lifts Training Program.- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/wt- ... ntages.xls

12 week russian cycle ( Excel )- http://calc/Russian_cycle.xls

Korte 3x3 Annual Plan Jan- July- http://www.deepsquatter.com/strength/ar ... korte4.htm

Korte 3x3 Annual Plan July- November- http://www.deepsquatter.com/strength/ar ... korte5.htm

Metal Militia Bench Routine by Sebastian Burns- http://www.geocities.com/metalmilitiabe ... ticle.html

Strength-Focused Mesocycle- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=485341

Sheiko style training: http://www.butenko.org/workout.htm

Bob Youngs Westside for beginners- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/in_th ... y_BobY.htm

15 week to super strength by Kelly Baggett- http://www.athletes.com/fun/kelly1.htm

Twelve Week Periodized Peaking Cycle For Power Lifters! by Dr.Squat- http://www.athletes.com/fun/drsquat11.htm

Powerlifting Routines- http://www.fortifiediron.net/mambo/inde ... &Itemid=63

Killer Russian Workout by Pavel Tsatsouline- http://www.dolfzine.com/page304.htm

Conjugate 3x3- http://www.deepsquatter.com/strength/ar ... anna15.htm

Metal Militia Training Article by Sebastian Burns- http://www.geocities.com/metalmilitiabe ... ticle.html

Ed Coan deadlift routine- http://www.powerpage.net/coanphildead.html

Sheiko Beginners program- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/sheikotraining1.htm

Monthly training plan #1 of Candidates to Master of Sport* and Masters of Sport* in preparation period. By Boris Sheiko.- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/sheikocms-ms1.htm

Bench Press Training System by Boris Sheiko- http://www.zyworld.com/powerlifting/benchsheiko.htm

Olympic Lifting

Russian Training- http://www.tc.umn.edu/~keen0018/russian.htm

Bulgarian Olympic Training- http://www.tc.umn.edu/~keen0018/bulgar.htm

Olympic Lifting Routines- http://www.fortifiediron.net/mambo/inde ... &Itemid=64

Advanced Olympic lifting program- http://www.qwa.org/programs/tadv13.asp

Calpian Weightlifting Program by Matt Foreman- http://www.fdzine.com/calpian/matt_foreman.html

East Coast Gold Olympic Program- http://www.eastcoastgold.org/sampleWK.html

Sports specific

Pendulum Training for Athletes by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=471208

Bill Starr's 5x5- http://www.strengthcats.com/classicfootballII.htm

SEAL's workout- http://www.navyseals.com/community/navy ... t_main.cfm

Dinosaur westside- http://www.tc.umn.edu/~keen0018/dtr.htm

Bill Starrs the strongest shall survive- http://www.deepsquatter.com/strength/ar ... nrodt4.htm

Kettlebell training- http://www.dolfzine.com/page418.htm

Strongman training- http://www.tc.umn.edu/~keen0018/produce.htm

Davidson College Football Program- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/davidson_football.htm

Training for the highschool athlete- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/Train ... hletes.htm

Undulating Periodization for athletes by Alwyn Cosgrove- http://www.athletes.com/fun/alwyn7.htm

Strongman workout by Corey St.Clair- http://www.athletes.com/fun/strongman24.htm

Basketball Strength Training- http://www.athletes.com/fun/elite8.htm

In season American Football Program- http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_jo ... -07-20.htm

Program for wrestlers- http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_jo ... -10-31.htm

6 Week Vertical Jump Program- http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_jo ... -10-10.htm

In season football program- http://www.defrancostraining.com/ask_jo ... -10-03.htm

Keg and Tire training by Allen Hedrick- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=783699

21 week vertical jump program by Ferdrick Hatfield- http://www.drsquat.com/index.cfm?action ... ticleID=24

Hopkins Football 2000 Summer Lifting: Upperclassmen by Bill Starr- http://p080.ezboard.com/foldschoolstren ... =139.topic

Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical! by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=859906


Muscle Fibres, Training and More by Dr. Mel Siff- http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthrea ... adid=74001

Squatting By Dr.Mel Siff- http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthrea ... adid=68739

The Gable Method by Dan John- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1064736

Shoulder Savers by Eric Cressey- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1055409

Got Training By Brijesh Patel- http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type ... e&i=12&a=5

Olympic Lifting 101 by Brijesh Patel- http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type ... e&i=14&a=5

Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum by Eric Cressey- http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type=Article&i=2&a=5

If It's Not Cosgrove, It's Crap! by Alwyn Cosgrove- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=863599

DB Hammers training methods- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/pick_ ... hammer.htm

Anyone looking for the science etc behind training should go to- http://powerdevelopmentinc.com/phpBB2/v ... c.php?t=32

Eight Keys by Dave Tate- http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do? ... =267eight2

loads on Dual Factor training by Matt Reynolds http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/showt ... p?t=375215

The High Frequency Secret by Chad Waterbury- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=755131

The Specialization Zone Emphasis Training for Advanced Physique Enhancement by Christian Thibaudeau- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=753073

The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part I Think performance, not fatigue! by John Paul Catanzaro- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=804576

The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part II, Think performance, not fatigue! by John Paul Catanzaro- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=805661

Iron John: What You Know Vs. What You Do by Dan John- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=806745

10 uses for a smith machine by Eric Cressey- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=810548

Advanced Dumbbell Training by Allen Hedrick- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=822808

How to strengthen rosie and her five friends by Jim Wendler- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/rosie.htm

The Triumvirate By Jim Wendler- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/Triumvirate.htm

Transformation of a Young Athlete By Zach Even-Esh- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/young-athlete.htm

Exercises you've never tried- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=829136

Man with a Plan, Part 1- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems.com ... plan1.html

Man with a Plan, Part 2- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems.com ... plan2.html

Man with a Plan, Part 3- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems.com ... plan3.html

Man with a Plan, Training Template- http://www.robertsontrainingsystems.com ... _temp.html

Rope Revolution by Chad Waterbury- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... id=1116219

The Band Man by Dave Tate- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1105903

Loading the Organism by Matthew Perryman- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/loadi ... ganism.htm

Loading the Organism by Matthew Perryman- http://www.elitefts.com/documents/loadi ... ganism.htm

18 tips for bullet proof knees by Mike Robertson- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... id=1127149

Fat Loss

Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss by Charles Poliquin- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=724381

Outlaw Strength and Conditioning- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=459262

10x3 for Fat Loss by Chad Waterbury- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;js ... ?id=795366

Get Lean without dieting- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=877549&pageNo=0

Full Body Fat Loss by Joel Marion- http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type ... &i=17&a=10

Puke In Your Shoes by Marc McDougal- http://www.ruggedmag.com/index.php?type=Article&i=9&a=6

WSP Part I- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=996446
WSP Part II- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1018244
WSP Part III- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1038326
WSP Part IV- http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1059693

The End of Boring Cardio Workouts by Mike Mahler- http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler80.htm

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Re: Lots and Lots of Routines

Post by The Venerable Bogatir X » Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:56 pm

Very cool...thx DC.

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