The smartest thing Andy ever said

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The smartest thing Andy ever said

Post by Abandoned by Wolves » Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:50 pm

The 'he' in question is Steve Maxwell, but really, this applies for anyone past a certain point in their life.
....Mid-life crisis? Kinda but more like late life. Everybody will go through it. It's when you start deciding if you want to prepare for long healthy life or to start getting ready to die.

Anybody who trains with the pain enduring intensity for all the years he has will burn out on that shit. It isn't necessary. In fact counterproductive to be walking around with injuries, arthritis and scars from surgeries and whatnot. It just ain't cool. All that is needed is to stay flexible, keep joints healthy and maintain the overall muscular strength and balance to enjoy what's necessary to live the lifestyle of your choice. All that "enjoy the pain" strongman athlete crap is bullshit and nobody really gives a fuck about it.
"I also think training like a Navy S.E.A.L. is stupid for the average person. I would say PT like an infantry unit, run, body weight stuff, hump a little, a little weights and enjoy life if you are not training for specifics." -tough old man

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