The Furmanator (and Steve Maxwell) on knee rehab

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The Furmanator (and Steve Maxwell) on knee rehab

Post by Abandoned by Wolves » Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:20 pm

Tom Furman wrote:
Do the Bulgarian Split Squat thru a short range of motion and gradually increase. This is very intensive to all the muscles around the knee as well as stability.

I just emailed this tip to Brenda Schultz McCarthy who won 6-1/6-1 in Cincinnati.

After training, eat as much of a whole, fresh, pineapple as you can. Follow it with 1000 mg of B6. (This is cheap and short term doses WILL not increase the occasional side effects of peripheral neuropathy that have been reported by women mega dosing for their monthly bloat). The B6 will make you piss the excess fluid (inflammation). The FRESH pineapple has tons of protein digesting enzyme that will help heal the injury. I learned this off of the late, great, Dr. Jack Kahn who used it on tons of pro athletes. Try it every other day.
Here is some advice from Mr. Maxwell---
"This is a very common BJJ/grappling injury. The patella is held in place by the patellar tendon. You partially dislocated the patella and the tendon is stretched or partially torn. As knee injuries go, this is not to bad. It is not as serious as ligament damage. Rehab involves ice massage and quadricep strengthening on a knee extension machine. You need a machine that you can set the movement arm to the top position or terminal end. The exercise is slow, high tension partial range of motion knee extentions. Holding the weight statically at the top is another good option. I have had great success with topical DMSO applications twice daily. Do not take Advil or Ibuprofen - these drugs slow the healing rate by several weeks. Use plain asperin for pain relief. Another excellent rehab exercise is static wall seats. Lean against a wall with the head and back flat and the thighs at 90', tops of the thighs parallel. Place a low stool or cushions under your butt so you don't slide down and re-injure yourself. Try to work up to three minutes. When the knee starts to feel pretty good, pedal on a stationary bike. After warming up on the bike, start to do range of motion exercises. I have found Amosov squats to be ideal. As described in Super Joints, Amosov squats involve holding on to a pole or fixed upright and leaning back, keeping the shins completely vertical while slowly squating down until the butt eventually touches the floor. I have rehabed many a judo player, wrestler and BJJ man with knee injuries with Amosov squats alone. With joint injuries, exercise is the best medicine."
Steve Maxwell
"I also think training like a Navy S.E.A.L. is stupid for the average person. I would say PT like an infantry unit, run, body weight stuff, hump a little, a little weights and enjoy life if you are not training for specifics." -tough old man

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Post by Shaun B. O'Murnecan » Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:14 pm

Why ain't the whole thread nuggeted? There was a lot of good shit 'sides Tom's stuff.

I say nuggest the entire thing.

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