Why not body build.

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Why not body build.

Post by Gav » Thu Apr 07, 2005 6:52 pm

You have to draw some real distinctions between your average consumer/weekend warrior, the pros, and the slimy business interests that drive the whole machine.

The person who wants to look better and feel better has honorable goals that anyone can understand. Unfortunately, he/she is often duped by the latter two.

The pros are all on juice, of course. I certainly don't believe they take any of the silly supplements they hype and know I cannot look like them without drugs, even if I wanted to. It is a rare pro who is honorable enough to speak the truth about what they do, why they do it, and how they achieve their goals. Growth hormone, insulin, diuretics, sodium loading, anabolics, horse medicine, who knows what from 'pharmacies' in Mexico, diets that are unhealthy in the extreme, etc., etc., etc. You have to be a fool or disturbed to live like that. Nearly every one of them is a lying sack of S&$# and front man/woman for the below dirtballs.

Weider and the rest are simple scumbags. The supplement manufacturers are lowlifes, too, but they wouldn't have any vehicle to spread their lies without the magazines. The consumer who spends hard earned money on worthless supplements and expects to look like Ronnie Coleman by following his published routine usually wakes up after a few rapings and stops training altogether. The bodybuilding machine does the greatest damage to the health and well-being of the American populace of anyone this side of Brown and Williamson Tobacco, because they take what they can get and cause people to stop exercising.

Wonder if Coleman the Cop was ever in on a steroid bust?



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