What I learned at the Charles Poliquin Fat Loss Seminar

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Re: What I learned at the Charles Poliquin Fat Loss Seminar

Post by DrDonkeyLove » Tue May 20, 2008 11:00 am

newguy wrote:The really old Chinese people I see are never muscular, but have been doing tai chi and walking backwards and their chi kung exercises for half their life.

I have met a couple of 85 to 90 year olds who are insanely fit for their age and they say it is from their soft exercise.

I was talking last summer to one guy, through a translating friend of his, and he was saying that the hard exercise was a waste of life, literally, but that the soft exercise let you live long and healthy.

I have been and continue to be too stupid to really listen, but am getting better.
I think I agree about the soft exercise. I can't speak about chi but IME the soft stuff seems to move the body gently in multiple planes while keeping the legs relatively strong and balanced. My experience w/geezers is that they decline when they stop moving due to lethargy or injury. Soft exercise seems like the perfect medicine.

That said, I think of Jack LaLanne, who IIRC, is all about swimming and body weight exercise and some mild resistance work. I also think of my steeplejack father who focused on frequent walking in his senior years after a life of hard physical labor (89.5 y.o. at death) and my mother who turned 91 last week and has never done anything more strenuous than shopping. Both Mom and Dad smoked for decades when they were younger. Dad ate anything he pleased and boozed it up vigorously on an intermittent basis. When I take Mom grocery shopping she avoids a lot of good foods because of "allergies". When we check out 1/4 of the stuff in the cart is cookies, candy, and cakes etc. So much for all the sugar terror we hear about.
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Re: What I learned at the Charles Poliquin Fat Loss Seminar

Post by bigpeach » Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:30 am

Not that I study this shit to be a scientist or a personal trainer that gets results but the one study I have read that examines weight and longevity showed that the people who were on the low end of normal weight range for their height at age 21 had a disproportionately high chance to live at least 10 years longer than average. I realize now that was a wordy way of saying lower weight young adults end up living longest.

And I'll take a DIM enema(bottle included) if there is ever a study that proves it actually lowers estrogen and raises testosterone in healthy men, particularly in the quantities suggested by the label.

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