Full KONTACT Kettlebells--putting it together? (By Steve C)

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Full KONTACT Kettlebells--putting it together? (By Steve C)

Post by Hagbard » Wed Apr 27, 2005 1:36 pm

Full KONTACT Kettlebells--putting it together?
From: Steve Cotter
Subject: Fitness
Date/Time 2005-04-26 21:44:35
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Hi Makena,

I developed the Full KOntact system for the purpose of addressing various needs:

--introduce unique drills for 3-dimensional restistance training

--for beginner's to develop body and spatial awareness

--for advanced to expand beyond ROM limitations and other skill plateaus

--to augment specific skill training for martial arts

--develop joint receptivity to various torsion forces---key for contact athletics of all types

--to serve as a growing resource for holistic training information

The program specifically allows for each and every exercise to be interchangeable with one another as well as other modes.

Here is one example of how to put things together:

PURPOSE: to augment martial arts/fight training with a well rounded, stream-lined S&C program. I.E. to receive a direct improvement in sparring as a result of the S&C program; an increase in strength and endurance with no detriment to flow in my sparring

Choose 1 from Each Section:

Core Pull:
-1 arm Heavy KB Swing
-Weighted Chins/Towel Chins

Core Press:
-Double KB MP

Stance/Leg Emphasis Full KOntact:
-Dragon Twist (position of strength)
-Catch and Sweep
-Multi-level Slipping (drop sets)

Mid-section Emphasis Full KOntact:
-Towel Swings-mid basin
-Hook Swings
-Rotations with High Knee

Coordination/Skill Emphasis Full KOntact:
-Creepdown and Press
-Duck Walk and Press
-Bagua Circular Stepping (with Hook Swings, in Position of Extrem compromise, etc)

Do 5-15 reps of each. Start with one cycle, work up to 3-5. Resistance level and rest interval can be increased or decreased according to emphasis and level.

In your case Makena, you need more endurance to go with your power. So you should keep the reps low in the 5-10 range, but with minimal rest between exercises. Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat, circuit style.

Things like Dragon Twisting and Bagua Circular stepping should be thoroughly trained with BW only before progressing to additional resistance. This is especially important for large-framed individuals.

These programs can very easily be modified. For example, for a well-rounded approach to your S&C and athleticism, you can focus on one area of emphasis per day.

For example:

Monday: Core Pulls
Tuesday: Full KOntact midsection
Wednesday: Core Pressing
Thursday: Full KOntact Leg
Friday: Full KOntact Skill training

In this format you would take 3-5 exercises for each group and focus on each training focus 1 time per week. This would be addition to your regular MA sparring and skill training.

Adding in a few minutes of simple qigong breathing at the beginning and end along with a few specialized joint mobility movements, such as Serving Tea Cups (these will be on a forthcoming DVD) or BW Side-to-Side Creepdown, will yield a powerful and balanced curriculum.

There are some sample training modules on my website that also will give you some more ideas of how to put the Full KOntact exercises together in practical and effective combinations.


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