Gant Grimes Program

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Gant Grimes Program

Post by TomFurman » Thu May 14, 2009 7:18 pm

FWIW. ... ostcount=6

• These programs will increase static strength, explosive strength, and limit strength. This increase in strength will lead to substantial improvements in metabolic conditioning.
• Metcon should be short and intense. Keep it under 10 minutes (usually under 5). Keep it heavy, and keep it functional. Select workouts that require very little rest. Scale reps, rounds, or time before scaling weight! (This might be the most important bit you'll read on this). This is key to the neuroendocrine response we’re looking for.
• Use KB’s, tires, farming implements, stones, boat chains, and sledgehammers liberally. Sprint often (Tabatas, 100s, 200s, 400s). Full body exercises (cleans, thrusters, swings) are great. Use couplets and triplets. NO chipper workouts.
• The exercise order and selection promotes increases in strength and, if you eat for it, lean mass. Everything you do on this program packs a substantial neuroendocrine wallop. Pick your metcon exercises accordingly. You should be shaving twice a day on this program.
• Eat more protein. If you’re Zoning, increase protein intake by 2-4 blocks and fat by 8-16 blocks. Do not increase your carbs (I have accounted for them in the fat increase).
• Go heavy, go hard, or don’t go at all. The volume is low enough, and the metcons are short enough that your CNS should be stable throughout the program. If you need a day off, take it. Don’t tear your body down while it’s trying to build itself up.
• Eat lots of red meat. It’s just better. Consuming large quantities of blood-soaked animal tissue puts you in a better frame of mind to train like this. If you eat eggs, eat whole eggs.

• There are three programs.
• The 3/1 program. I designed one for people who like the 3/1 CF schedule. Personally, I think 6 workouts in 8 days is a bit much. But you wanted it, so here it is.
• The novice strength-biased program. This is a 3/1/2/1 schedule. I got used to training like this doing the PMenu WOD, and I like it. It’s also an intermediate programming scheme discussed in Practical Programming. I wrote this program because I train with a guy who doesn’t need to do as much OLY lifting as I do. The power versions of the OLY lifts are done. There is also an extra day of push presses or rack jerks. If you train on Saturday, just do a regular WOD (this can be a little longer). If you train with weights, keep it light and drill some OLY lifts.
• The intermediate/advanced strength-biased program. This is my personal program. Saturday is optional. This is where I drill OLY by doing assistance exercises (snatch balance, tall cleans, etc.) and get on the rings. Or I get in the canoe, go mountain biking, or play a little judo. Saturday is not a hard training day for me. So yeah, I pretty much train 4 out of 7 days.

Other concerns
• Do other stuff. It’s summer time. Walk, swim, play softball, ride a bike. Whatever. Don’t pass a bar, set of rings, or rock ledge without pulling yourself up on it.
• Substitute if you feel the need. I refuse to miss Murph or Filthy Fifty. If one of your favorite WOD comes up, do it.
• Deadlift every week. They’re good for your soul. Cool down with reverse hypers 2-4 times a week. They’re good for your deadlifts and thus good for you soul. Your back will thank you.
• 5 minutes a week of KB long-cycle clean & jerks has profound effects.
• Read Christopher Sommer’s article on front lever progressions (also has planche progressions).
• Read up on the Bulgarian method.
• Squat low for training. If you’re a guy, try to tea-bag the platform. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll be able to lift in a CFT when you only squat to regulation depth.

Sets, reps, and exercises (sets x reps)

• Welcome back to linear progression! We’re going to get stronger every week. Linear strength progression works a little differently in a program with gymnastics and metcon, so pay attention to what’s happening. I have borrowed heavily from Rippetoe, Everett, and Louie Simmons in designing this.
• OLY lifts should be 5-8 sets (or more) of singles or doubles. Look to Coach B. or the PMenu for additional programming ideas. You have to be careful with your loads and volume on this stuff. It can sneak up on you.
• The slow lifts should start with 3x5 (including dips and pull-ups). Drop to 3x3 after 6 weeks or whenever the volume becomes too much. You may also want to mix in some 5x3, 5x2 or 7x1. It’s your program! Eventually you’ll almost exclusively be doing either 1) med volume/high intensity or 2) low volume/stupid intensity!
• Only do one work set on the deadlift if you’re working with max numbers.
• Mix sets across with progressive loading. You can do 3x3 across one week and 5x3 progressive (working up to a 3RM). Do progressive loading at least once every third time for each lift.
• Work in some ME/DE days as necessary. We’re all about speed and power. I mix in plenty of box squatting so I can squat frequently. It helps your deadlift, too. Reverse hypers help everything.
• Deadlift every week (it’s worth repeating). If it tears you up like it does me, mix in some rack pulls and halting deadlifts. I love 3x6 snatch grip deadlifts off a 4” box.
• Substitute OLY lifts as needed. Play with the full and hang positions to optimize results. If you’re on the advanced program, do the full version at least once a week.

Bottom line
• Go fast, go heavy, and go hard. If you're doing sets across, increase it every time. Don't reset if you fail at 5, just drop to 3. If you're doing CF ME work (5 triples, 7 singles), go for a PR every time. Metcons are short, heavy, and functional. Don't rest.
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Re: Gant Grimes Program

Post by jakeischillin » Fri May 15, 2009 12:16 am

This and the ME black box stuff seem like really good ideas.

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Re: Gant Grimes Program

Post by TomFurman » Mon May 18, 2009 5:07 pm


Good stuff.
I explained this to someone on the P&B...I hope my cut and pasting is OK:

M.E Black Box

Some definitions:

"ME" = maximal effort

"Black Box" refers to not needing to understand "why" it works, only that you put something in one side of the box, and you get results out the other.

Two rep ranges:

Week 1: 5-5-5-3-3-3 (also called Intro reps)
Week 2: 3-3-3-1-1-1 or 8x2 or 10x1 (advanced reps)

Movement Rotations:

T = Total body (OL variations)
L = Lower body (squats, front squats)
U = Upper body (presses, weighted chins)

For this example:

T = Power cleans, power snatches (PC + PS)
L = Back squats, front squats (BS + FS)
U = standing press (SP), weighted pull ups (WPU)

Putting it together:

1: XF - WOD or something similar...see notes below
2: ME T - intro reps (PC)
3: XF
4: rest
5: XF
6: ME L Intro reps (BS)
7. XF
8: rest
9: XF
10: ME U intro reps (SP)
11: XF
12: rest
13: Xf
14 ME T (adv. reps) PC
15: XF
16: rest
17: xf
18: ME L (adv reps) BS
19: xf
20: rest
21: xf
22: ME U (adv reps) SP
23: xf
24: rest

For Day 25, you'd start this over using the Power Snatch (PS) as the next ME work and then follow the same kind of pattern with the second movements chosen.

NOTE: "monostructural" metabolic efforts (i.e running , rowing, cycling, swimming" xf sessions should be put on days AFTER the ME stuff. Rutherford also recommends the ME sessions be preceded by a XF WOD with some gymnastics elements
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Re: Gant Grimes Program

Post by jakeischillin » Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:18 pm

MWF format - ... weeks.html

Monday- Total Body (T) / High Hang Power Clean, Deck Power Clean, Cleans
Wednesday-Lower Body (L)/ Zercher Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat
Friday-Upper Body (U) / Press, Push Press, Jerk

Rep Rotations
Wk 1 5 x 5
Wk 2 5 x 3
Wk 3 5 x 1

The daily routine is as follows:

-Warm-up Moves
-M.E. Focus
-CrossFit Mixed Mode GPP
-P-Chain Move (Monday - Hip Bridge Variant, Wednesday-Reverse Hyper, Friday-Glute-Ham Raise)
-Eight Great Post Stretch Moves
-Foam Roller or Stick for the problem areas.

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday/ Sunday -- Light walks and other restoration activities.

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