Minor Treadmill Repair

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Minor Treadmill Repair

Post by friedquads » Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:19 am

Tip: If your treadmill has a small tear in the belt, you can repair the area with the same kind of rubber patch kit that you would get for your bike innertube. If applied properly, the patch will hold and not tear off the belt, even with friction applied against it due to the vulcanized rubber. Although a tear would typically compromise the integrity of the belt, as long as the small tear doesn't grow into a large one from neglect, you can hold off from having to buy a new treadmill or have a useless piece of equipment in your home gym.

You probably think this is insane, but it works and can save you some serious cash when it comes to your treadmill. I repaired mine and tested it out without any issues so far.
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