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Garm on Knowledges

Post by outofhere » Sun May 08, 2005 4:18 pm

Chief Screaming Eagle wrote:The more knowledges I have the better
Once you get past STFU and lift something heavy, I don't know about that either. I know a lot more smart people than I know strong people, fewer still smart strong people, and hardly any smart strong people with a bunch of trainees that can be trotted out who are also strong. The number of geniuses who wish they were strong and expound at length on the subject is legion. If by "better" you mean that you have actionable information that will help you get stronger, I disagree. It is possible to be a sport science geek as a sideline and still make progress, but consider the wise words of the strongest man who ever lived:

"Living in a small mountain town and having no subscription to any physical fitness magazine, I had to work things out for myself." He worked out a 1,200 pound squat with no drugs or gear and has been the Guiness record holder of the most weight ever lifted by a human being for nearly 50 years. Simple is best, and that's all the true knowlege you need.

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