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Dave - WFR

Post by Garm » Thu Jun 16, 2005 12:53 am

The Whole, Fresh, Raw (WFR) Diet

This diet is deceptively simple, which may lead you to doubt its effectiveness. It has a very limited set of rules, but if you are fat and follow them, you will lose weight. You will concurrently maximize your health and well-being. It can be easily modified to become a mass-gain program and still maintain the health benefit compromise. Please ask for experiences and opinion on our forum – I have never seen this applied without dramatic results, and it is pretty close to the Holy Grail of weight loss diets: You really can eat as much as you want.

Here are the rules:

1. Every day, drink at least one gallon of pure water.
2. Eat whatever you want as often as you want as long as it is

· As whole as possible

· As fresh as possible

· As raw as possible

That’s it. Add a little exercise and watch the pounds come off. You won’t endure any crazy-assed metabolic adaptation period and associated mental and physical malaise. You will never be hungry. Your physical health will improve. Who needs the regiment of diet authors and PhD’s and gobbledygook-laden study after contradictory study? Just do what your grandma told you to do.

As a professional Road Warrior, my coworkers consider themselves in the worst job category when it comes to diet – they have to eat in restaurants at least 4 days a week. A typical diet day for me when on the road will serve as a good example of how you can ignore these self-imposed obstacles and make some progress.

Every morning, I leave the hotel an hour before I need to be at the client site. I go directly to the nearby grocery store. If it’s an upscale sort of place, they’ll have a nice salad bar. Load up on baby spinach, chick peas, broccoli and carrots, tomatoes and sliced summer squash. Dump some oil and vinegar on it if you want – those are pretty whole, fresh, and raw if you want to stretch the definition a little.

Fill up a carton with sliced boiled eggs. Not raw, but unless you are Rocky as raw as possible. Fill another one with sliced pineapple, fresh strawberries, whatever catches your eye as long as it follows the rules. Go over to the deli counter and get a pound of nice rare sliced London Broil. Get a bag of raw unsalted cashews, walnuts, or almonds from the bulk food aisle. Mix it up every day – better to get a wide variety of WFR foods, in my opinion.

Most important, I lay out fifty-nine cents for a gallon of distilled water. I make sure it’s gone by the end of the day.

I’ll carry my bag with me throughout the day, and eat what I want when I want. Experience will show which items do not last through a hot day – cucumbers, for example are a bad choice unless you have a refrigerator or intend to eat them right away. That’s it – no muss, no fuss, no counting carbs or calories, and a much better success rate than any of the commercial diets – don’t believe me? Ask on our forum. So far, 100% of the people who have given this method an honest shot lost weight, felt better, and were never hungry.

The reason why is simple thermodynamics plus basic human nutrition. We are used to consuming a huge amount of nutritionally threadbare but calorically dense food. In most cases, your typical fatty would lose weight if he simply stopped all the cokes, sweet teas, and assorted liquid sugar and replaced it with the pure water. On WFR, the rules do not permit processed sugar. Some may sneak in (ask a diabetic – it’s everywhere), but once you identify it, just eliminate that particular brand from your playlist.

You will feel better immediately for a bunch of reasons; most important is probably the water. Most people are terminally dehydrated. Get your gallon a day and you will not be. The constant eating of WFR foods in wide variety will provide a steady stream of macro and micronutrients in the form that your body was designed to use: real food. No need for any more vitamins or multiminerals, so you save a buck while you are at it.

This diet can be modified for mass gain while still retaining the health compromise benefit. Here’s how: Stroessen’s Law. Drink one gallon of whole milk per day in addition to the WFR diet, while you are training hard, frequently, and with high volume. If you can get unpastuerized and organic, that’s better. If not, that’s why “as possibleâ€
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Post by Garm » Thu Jun 16, 2005 12:53 am

And another old diet article:

What is the Purpose of Diet?

Being stoic, we will always return to first principles. What is the nature of a thing? How is this related to that? You may recall Hannibal Lechter quoting Marcus Aurellius Antoninus, or have read his Meditations after seeing Gladiator or hearing that it was Bill Clinton's favorite book.

In athletics our first principle is, often unfortunately, to do whatever it takes to win. This is what leads to cheating, drug use, and the sexual realities of the old East German women's weightlifting team. In applied analysis, our first principles are to understand where we are, where we wish to be, and to develop a stepwise plan that gets us from here to there in as rapid a manner as possible.

You do this every time you drive somewhere you've never been before - you must know where you are starting from, where you wish to go, how to read a map, and must translate all of that into turn-by-turn actions taken at the appropriate time. You may really enjoy turning left. Your mentor, guru, or other object of supplication may state that it's the only way to turn and that all other directions are base, false, and indicative of low moral fibre. He may conclusively prove this with an army of agreement, strident tones, and detailed studies. Nonetheless, you can't get to Peoria from here without turning right,

What does this have to do with diet? Simple - just as there is no correct single exercise, bit of equipment, routine, or schedule to solve every training problem, there is no such thing as the perfect diet. You need to figure out where you are, where you are trying to get to, and consider all the possible maneuvers to make it happen. If you are young and weak and want to get strong, Doctor Bubba's Longevity Diet may not be the right choice.

The following also needs to be said: Diet is nowhere near the top of your priority list in training for sport. Supplements are the last thing you should consider, and diet is second to last. Form, technique, training program, skill, strength, power, endurance, and a host of other factors should take priority over diet. They are, of course, related - if you are hungry and weak, it is not time to lift weights, its time to eat.

The subject of eating can be first divided into irrational and rational goals. Rational objectives are those that can be measured – weight gain, fat loss, sport performance, etc. Irrational includes things that cannot be measured, but must be ‘felt’ – religious or philosophical issues. We’ll ignore the latter. If Shub-Niggurath told you not to eat frog’s legs or else you’d lose your status as his Chosen One, that’s between you and him.

In the rational category, we are left with the following subcategories:


Bodyweight manipulation

Adipose loss

Fueling training or day-to-day activities

Promoting/supporting recovery from training activities

Fueling athletic performance

General health and well-being

Many of these are mutually exclusive. Let’s take ‘general health and well-being’ as our example. We have been conditioned to accept the premise that an athlete or bodybuilder is the poster child for robust health. However, anyone who has ever been a serious athlete knows that the following is true – you are always nursing and training around some chronic injury or other. ‘Healthy’ and hurting all the time seem incongruous. Similarly, it is not possible to both gain weight and lose it at the same time. Hard dieting to maximize fat loss will not support hard training or recovery from it. You get the idea - one goal may require the support of a specific eating regimen in order to maximize progress, but that regimen may slow or reverse progress toward another goal. Looks like step one, as always, is to get your priorities in order.

The only logical conclusion we can reach is that we will either have to select multiple objectives and make compromises or we will have to pick an extreme diet for our immediate goals. That’s perfectly fine, as long as you know the risks and approach them with your eyes open. I’ve been on extreme diets off and on for the 30 years since Junior High School wrestling – and every other athlete in weight-controlled sport has been, too. When Coach X was telling me not to eat, not to drink water, and to wear a rubber suit into the sauna while doing sit-ups for hours, that was an extreme diet but I did not have the benefit of enough knowledge to make the choice myself. However, I wanted to win and had to make weight to ensure my spot on the team – I would make the same choice now.

The key mindset is to look at the various diets and dietary variables as tools in your kit. Do not get emotionally attached to any of them – when you need a screwdriver, your favorite hammer stays at home. There is no such thing as the One True Diet. Understand the principles of biology, biochemistry, thermodynamics, and sport science, recognize that each and every diet author and the supplement manufacturers behind them are lying to you, and liberate yourself from the scam machine. Take careful and honest stock of your current state, set an objective, break it down into small and achievable parts, and then select the correct tool for the first step. That’s called a plan, without which you have to be pretty damn lucky to succeed.
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Post by Garm » Thu Jun 16, 2005 12:54 am

And somebody asked for this:

Iron Man 101
So you want to be a Tough Guy?

Iron Introduction

A time or two on the web, I’ve told stories about myself to illustrate certain points, to demonstrate my qualification to talk about various subjects with authority, or to make fun of the perceived expertise of others. In general, the purpose is clean – not self-aggrandizement, but the effort to help the novice avoid getting ripped off or hurt. Asking questions like "if you have never been in a knife fight, how can you tell others how to do so?" almost always result in challenges to my bona fides. Most often I ignore them, sometimes I let a little information out.

Some of these stories have caused folks who do not know me to call ‘bullshit’. Hell, I’d have called it, too. Some examples:

* At age 14 I ran away from home and walked 8.7 miles in a snowstorm with a broken leg. I knew it hurt but did not know it was broken until three years later when undergoing medical examinations for the US Marine Corps. I went back and measured the 8.7 miles later, so that I could calculate the number of steps (55,123) and provide exactly that many punches in the face to Ralph, the grown man who hit me in the leg with a baseball bat as I was running away from him.
* I once carried a wounded man for 2 days and the same dead man for an additional half day, while slightly wounded myself. To be clear, it was only about a 12 kilometer hike, but he was heavy, the terrain was rough, and we silence was mandatory.

I’ve been shot, stabbed, busted up, run over, and just about anything else you can think of and I’m still standing while everyone who has ever tried to kill me is not. I've endured financial and legal disaster, major injury, severe illness, starvation, abuse, and pretty much every variety of bad thing except rape. Be careful - This is not a “look how cool I am – you should want to be like meâ€
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Post by GoDogGo! » Thu Jun 16, 2005 1:31 am

I appreciate it, Garm.

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Post by Erada79 » Thu Jun 16, 2005 1:36 am


=D> =D> =D> =D>
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Post by Makarov » Thu Jun 16, 2005 2:29 am

GARM, how come no beer or vodka in WFR??

One of my trainers died of his 5-th stroke at 64, he never drunk beer or vodka.

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Post by irontamer » Thu Jun 16, 2005 7:03 pm

Thank you sir.
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Post by Gav » Mon Jun 20, 2005 7:06 pm

Garm, that iron man 101 is top notch, truly. You address things that most people probably never even think about. It has made me rethink certain aspects of myself.
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Post by Lich » Tue Jun 21, 2005 5:09 am


Thanks for finally posting that Iron Man Article.

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