Your Program Sucks!

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Your Program Sucks!

Post by Lich » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:50 am

... or overeducated yuppie scum...

Anyway, it's Dave Tate's article:

Your Program Sucks!
By Dave Tate
For EliteFTS

The New Breed
We have happened upon a new age of strength and conditioning. I have seen this coming for sometime now but tried to dismiss it as a fad. Actually, this has been evolving since the first strength coaches were put into place but have pick up speed with the popularity of personal training over the past 10 years. I began to see this first hand five years ago when I began giving seminars, but at the time it was very infrequent. Today I see it everyday. I see it on the internet, journals, magazines, TV, you name it. I have termed this new breed The Savvy Strength Specialist, or SSS for short.

Here is an example of what I am speaking about. While conducting a seminar, a thin hand goes up in the front of the room. When called upon, I get asked a question like “So what are your thoughts on the inverse bio-sequential process? This is then followed with “have you ever used imbalanced adductocentric patterns? This causes my head to spin, as I have no freakin idea what he is talking about.

It then dawns on me that this guy has done his homework and is much more educated that I am, but at what expense? His program still sucks!

Ability to Think
It seems to me that we are now in the age of the overeducated under-trained strength coach and trainer. This new bread owns and studies everything they can find on training to the point it has become too much and the have totally fried their ability to think for themselves and use common sense in the development of the strength programs.

They have also developed the ability to take these concepts and package them into articles and seminars to make themselves appear as experts in the field, but the program still sucks!

The Great Process
Their published articles and concepts then hit the market and become “the next great training processâ€

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