Steve Maxwell on Total Training for MA - link to DD

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Steve Maxwell on Total Training for MA - link to DD

Post by PC Polar Circle Person » Tue Jan 04, 2005 6:19 pm

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Post by Trip » Wed Jan 05, 2005 4:07 pm

t is my sincere belief, based on my own years of experience in martial arts, that to get to the 'next level' requires refinement of ones skills. I am a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiujitsu from the Gracie family. I have won my division in the World Championships and Pan Ams twice. I have also trained several world and Pan Am champions. All the PTP, RKC and flexibility/mobility training will not help unless one is working on skill refinement and skill rehearsal every day. I have found that daily training is a must to climb the skill ladder to elite levels. Hard training should be alternated with 'soft training'. I usually spar at contest level a couple time per week and do solo drills, partner drills and softer sparring the other days. Obviously, one cannot train at intense levels every day without severe over training. It is a fine tight rope that one walks in trying to balance volume with intensity. Having really tough training partners is an absolute must. You need to train with people that can beat you or take you to your absolute limit. I am lucky enough to have two world class level training partners. Most of ones most useful conditioning comes from the sparring itself. Supplementary training should be only a small part of the actual training schedule. A lot of guys get carried away with how many snatches they can do or how much weight they can lift. There comes a point of diminishing returns in this type of conditioning for the martial athlete. The effort required to perform some arbitrary amount of weight or reps would be better spent being used in the refining of the martial art itself.
Steve Maxwell

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