Mike Mahler's Want to work up to training with 2 88lb bells?

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Mike Mahler's Want to work up to training with 2 88lb bells?

Post by beefheart » Wed Feb 02, 2005 1:43 am

Mike Mahler

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Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2005 7:12 pm Post subject: Want to work up to training with 2 88lb bells? Read this


I get emails from people all of the time who want to work up to training with the 88lb bells. I always tell them that the first thing that they need to do is actually use the 88lb bells in their workouts. How is this possible? Start with any exercise that allows you to get a feel for the 88lb bell. The right exercises will build strength, but more importantly will build confidence which is extrememly important when taming the 88lb bell and overlooked by most.

One great way to work into using the 88lb bells is to incorporate 1-2 workouts per week in which you only use the 88lb bell.

Here is a step by step program for working up to 2 88lb bells for the standard Kb drills.

Phase 1 (beginner 88lb workout)

Two-arm deadlift (grab the 88lb bell with two hands and do some deadlifts)
Two-arm high pull (grab the bell with two hands, stand up drive through with the hips and pull the bell to waist level. Work on getting it to head level)
One-arm side bend: Hold an 88lb bell to the side like a suitcase and lean in the opposite direction.
Suitcase deadlift. Hold the bell out to the side and squat down until the bell touches the floor. Switch hands with each rep.

Do 3x5 on each exercise

Phase 2(Beginner 88lb workout step 2)

Two arm swing to waist level (work on taking it to head level) 3x5
Two-arm clean 3x5 l,r (one hand is overhand and one hand is underhand)
One-legged deadlift (hold 1 88lb bell with two hands and do 3x5 l,r)
Two hand press (pick up the bell by the horns and press it overhead with two hands) 3x5
Two hand front squat (grab the bell with two hands like a steering wheel and squat all the way down) 3x5

Phase 3 (intermediate 88lbell workout)

One-arm swing to waist level (work on getting it to head level) 3x5 l,r
One-arm clean with pre-swing 3x5 l,r (work on doing ith with no swing)
One-arm clean and hold (hold the the bell in the rack for 10 seconds and crush grip the bell as hard as possible) 3x5 l,r
One-arm front squat (clean the bell and do 5 reps with each side) 3x5

Phase 4 (intermediate level step 2)

One-arm clean 9use a pre-swing) and push press 3x1x3 l,r (work up to 5 reps l,r)
One-arm Swing to head level 3x5 l,r
One-arm front squat with 4 second pause at bottom 3x5 l,r
Isometric hold in clean position 3x10 second hold l,r

Phase 5 (Advanced level step 1)

To be continued in a future free online article ;-)

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