York One Dumbell Course from Kubik

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York One Dumbell Course from Kubik

Post by Fat Cat » Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:38 pm

One DB Programs
Due to iron and steel shortages for civilian use during WWII, some guys had to make due with only one DB. York developed a one DB course. Here it is:

1. Toe touching, one DB overhead

2. Bent ove rback hand (reverse) curl

3. Bent over regular curl

4. One arm clean and press

5. One arm swing

6. One Arm Upright Row

7. One hand military press

8. One hand swing (performed with split)

9. One hand power snatch

10. Side press

11. One DB Bent over row

12. Side bend

Something along that line might work well for you. Other exercises to consider would include:

(1) chins (you can always find somewhere to do these)

(2) dips (ditto the above comment)

(3) pushups (many variations of these)

(4) handstand pushups

(5) freehand squats

(6) one DB curl and press

(7) regular DB curl

(9) Hammer curl

(9) one legged squat

(10) squat while holding DB overhead

(11) one hand deadlift

(12) one DB clean and push press

(13) one DB clean and jerk

(14) DB swing without splitting

(15) One DB floor press

(16) One DB farmer's walk

(17) juggle a DB -- note: do NOT throw it up over your head and do NOT do this indoors!

(18) Gut work -- situps, leg raises, etc.

Some further points:

(1) The York courses almost always included 10-12 different exercises, some of which are "better" than others. For my money, the one DB clean and press (or push press or jerk), the one DB military press and the DB swing are extremely productive exercises ... you could make a very good program based on these three alone, perhaps with some form of squatting thrown in for good measure. Or you could run through a 10-12 exercise York style program and then do five-six sets of one or two of the heavier DB movements.

(2) Consider buying some cables someday. This will give you some good variety.

(3) Kim Wood once told me about a boy in Russia who wanted to become a strongman, but only had a 60 pound KB. He carried it with him EVERYWHERE ... all day long ... and over the course of several years developed into a real powerhouse just from carrying the KB.

(4) It would be difficult to find harder exercises than one hand clean and press or one hand swings, done for medium to high reps ... these will fry you ... so don't think you can't train hard with "just a DB...."

Good luck!
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