A Week In The Life of S. Maxwell

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A Week In The Life of S. Maxwell

Post by Fat Cat » Fri Jan 27, 2006 6:06 pm

Because I am a martial artist, grappling in particular, my workouts place a emphasis on strength/endurance. However, maximal strength is still very important. I found what works well for me and many of my students is to alternate cardio/endurance workouts with strength workouts.

Below is outlined a weeks workout schedule at Maxercise:

Sunday-Hard 5 to 6 min. matches,competition level with 21/2 min. rest between bouts for 5 matches(about 30 mins of wrestling)
5-6 mins rope skipping 120 skips per minute.

1. competition pullup ladder as many times through in 6 mins as possible
2. deck squats 5 mins. all out holding a wt.
3. Hindu pushups all out for 5 mins.
4. leg raises to plow position 3 mins.
5. sandbag carry in bearhug position with 50 to 100 % of bodywt.for 5
6. Wresters bridge for time (3 mins.)
7. Various stretches using Strech into Relax

Monday- rest, walking with endogenous breathing technique,Super Joints routine.

Tuesday- technical grappling drills,live wrestling from various positions on the ground for 30 to 40 mins.

Rope skipping with life line heavy speed rope for 10-20sec. intervals with 10 sec. recovery 140 skip per min pace.

1. weighted pullups using 18 to 36 pound KB's 3x3-5 reps
2. one arm pushup ladder ( 1/1,2/2,3/3 ect.no rest between sets)
3. pistol ladder (as many times through in 5 mins. as possible)
4. wrestlers bridge with heavy sandbag on chest
5. Hanging leg raises 3x5 reps
6. Janda Situps with power breathing 3x5
7. stretch into relax

Wednesday- 10 min. all out takedowns nonstop with one of several Judo guys. 4 to 5 matches starting from the feet.

Warmup with Kb circles around waist and between legs, then...
1. Kb bent presses 36x5, 53x5, 72x3 per side
2. Kb double clean and push press 72x5x3, 53x10x1
3. Kb getups 72x1x3 per arm
4. One arm over head squats 36x5,53x5,72x3
5. Kb laying shoulder stability/stretch exercise
6. Russian full contact twist 3x5 with thick bar 75x10x3
7. Stretch into Relax (always hip flexors, hamstrings, groin, and shoulders)

Thursday- light wrestling with a easy opponent for precision, execution, and timing(about 30 mins.)
1. Only joint mobility movements(I do these every morning upon arising and before grappling)

Friday- no grappling
1. Barbell over head squats working up from empty bar to 135 x 1-3 reps with 20 lb. jumps.
2. Sotts press with 55 lbs. 3x5
3. Heavy pistols with 45 lb. barbell 3x5, 53kbx3
4. Spider lifts with olympic bar 3x3 with body wt.(170 lbs.)I place a high premimium on movements that promote strength/flexibility
5. Kb snatches 72x15, 53x20, 36x30 or 53x10x12, or 72x10x3,53x10x3,(I very the rep scheme depending upon mood and energy.
6. Evil wheel from the feet to wall 3x5,1x10 from knees
7. Janda situps with power breathing 3x5
8. Neck exercises with lifeline gym bungee setup.Flextion,extention,lateral flextion and rotation.

Saturday- light to medium grappling 20 to 40 mins.
1. Relax into Stretch

Nothing is carved in stone. If I feel tired, I back off by using lighter wts.or even skip the session altogether. There many ways to crack the nut, this is my way. I feel this program gives me the perfect blend of different fitness elements that gives me an edge as a competitive BJJ grappler. Even if I would stop grappling training, I would continue to train along these same lines of blending different fitness atributes. I hope this information will help you in discovering your own fitness formula.

Always yours in strength and health,
Steve Maxwell

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Post by Grandpa's Spells » Fri Jan 27, 2006 6:12 pm

This guy is going to have a monstrous school in ten years.
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