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Jack R. - Beginner PL Template

Post by stosh » Mon Feb 27, 2006 5:53 pm

Saw this yesterday. Looks like a great template and not just for pure newbies, imo:

What i would do

From: powerlifter54
Subject: Fitness
Date/Time 2006-02-26 11:37:08
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i would train M, W, F. i would squat, bench, then DL every day, using Heavy, medium, and light. Sort of the old Korte 3x3 program. Do this for three to four weeks, then back off a week.

Here is a plan:

Monday should be heavy squat, medium BP, light DL.

Wednsday should be Light squat, light BP, Heavy DL

Friday should be Medium squat, Heavy BP, medium DL.

DO 5 rep work sets. Do 5 sets of Benches, 4 sets of squats, and 3 sets of DLs each day.Squat first, then BP, then DL.

Heavy for you is pushing those work sets up to a rep or two from failure with about 80-90% of your max. You can do all work sets with the same weight or move weight on the bar up and down.

Medium is doing the work sets with 60-70%.

Light is done with 50%.

Really focus on perfect form and groove on light and medium days.

Finish off ever workout with 3sets of 5 on chins, pullups, or parallel grip pullups.

This plan assumes somebody who is lean and is used to 10 rep sets and is a newbie.

Good luck
A novice is someone who keeps asking himself if he is a novice. An intermediate is someone who is sick of training with weak people and an advanced person doesn't give a shit anymore. - Jim Wendler

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