Training log abbreviations.

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Training log abbreviations.

Post by GoDogGo! » Wed Mar 08, 2006 3:23 am

Looks like I've gotten all the major ones, so here's a list. If you have any others that you use, PM me and I'll stick them in.

2HA: 2 hand anyhow
2HSW: 2 hand swing
BP: Bench press
BS, BSQ: box squat
BSS: Bulgarian Split Squat
BtP: Bent press
BtU: bottoms-up, as in a KB press or a SQ
BW: bodyweight
C&J: clean and jerk
C&P: clean and press
DB: dumbbell
DBL: double, as in DBL SN
DL: deadlift
DS, DSQ: Deck squat
DVDA: double vaginal double anal
EOD: every other day
EW: "Evil wheel"
FCT: full contact twist
FSQ: front squat
GM: good morning
HLR: hanging leg raises
HPU: Hindu Push Up
HSq: Hindu Squat
GUSU: getup situp
HSPU: handstand pushup
JM: Joint Mobility
JS: jumpstretch
KB: kettleb(e)ll
MP: military press
OHSQ: overhead squat
OL: Olympic lifting
PLU: pullup
PP: push press
RC: Roman chair
RDL: Romanian deadlift
SLDL: stiff legged deadlift
SBFIQ: sand bag fabrication instructions question
SJ: Super Joints
Sn: snatch
SP: side press
SR: shrug
SQ: squat
SSB: Saxon side bend
SW: swing
TGU: turkish getup
WM: windmill

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