Ironmind 2001 Training Hall Tape..

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bill fox
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Ironmind 2001 Training Hall Tape..

Post by bill fox » Wed Mar 08, 2006 1:43 pm

"Creating Champions" pretty cool if you're really into Oly lifting. Good sleep aid otherwise.

They start with some stretching and lot's of weighted hypers. They move through the lifts, snatches, then C&J, sqauts, pulls. They do some benching which becomes a little contest - of course no spotters ever. Tape ends with a guy jumping onto a platform at about his eye level.

The lifts are all beautiful. For me, a visual learner, this is a great way to learn the lifts between lessons (did the same thing with GS). I'll watch a little 5 minutes worth then go lift.

Worth buying but I can't see buying a second one with all the stuff on the web.
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