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Pull Up Program

Post by Fat Cat » Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:49 pm

pull up program help for spec-ops canadate
From: Steve Maxwell
Subject: Fitness
Date/Time 2006-03-23 16:35:31
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Work on your shoulder and elbow flexibilty. Many heavily muscled guys such as yourself carry a lot of residual tension in these areas. That type of tension creates a lot of extra resistence besides the actual body weight. When doing the pullups, make sure that you always go to full extension on each rep.

Grease the groove every day for four weeks. Since two reps is your max, perform 1 rep every two to three hours one day and every hour on the alternate day. This is 'skill rehearsal' or practising the move to make you more efficient.keep the pullups fresh and avoid fatigue. Your last set of the day should be as fresh as the first.

Mid week (wednesday), do an iso- metric hold at the top position (chin over the bar)for as long as possible and slowly lower down. Now grasp the bar and do an iso-metric pull with the arms straight for as long as possible while actually trying to pull yourself up. Record your times.

At the end of the week (saturday), do as many reps as possible. Rest two minutes and perform as many negative reps in good form as you can. Step up on a chair, place your chin over the bar and slowly take your feet off the stool. Attempt to hold the top position for 5 sec. and then slowly lower yourself, fighting every inch of the way. Pause at the bottom and stretch for 5 seconds. Your lowering time should be about 5-10 seconds. When you can no longer lower yourself under control, stop. Rest two minutes and then hang from the bar as long as possible while trying to pull yourself up.This will build that all important grip endurance which is imperitive for high level pullup performance. Rest completely the next day (Sunday).

Buy a doorway pullup bar to faciliate your practise. At the end of the four weeks, take two days off. On the third day, do a re-test and be prepared to be very pleased.

Steve Maxwell SRKC
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