Steve Maxwell’s Complete Back Program

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Steve Maxwell’s Complete Back Program

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Author Topic: Steve Maxwell’s Complete Back Program
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posted September 28, 2004 06:20 AMSeptember 28, 2004 06:20 PM
Because your back has been identified as the weak link, some isolation exercises are in order. The best low back movement is the extension exercise on a 45' extension bench. the latest research on low back pain suggests that muscular endurance is more important than pure back strength. After some joint mobility work, start each session with the back extensions. Back problems are also closely related to tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Do a single kettlebell 'good morning' stretch. Hold the bell by the horns and let it hang down your upper back. Place your feet hip width and slowly bend forward with your legs straight. Do not allow the back to round. You may not be able to bend forward very far at first. Only bend forward with a flat or arched back. Reverse the movement when the low back begins to round. Now go to the windmills. You will find the windmills much easier after warming the low back and stretching the hamstrings with the first two movements. Your back is ready for swings or snatches. Make sure to engage the abdominals and squeeze the glutes during the hip snap. I would strongly suggest ending each session with Janda situps and either Russian twists (use your kettlebell) or full contact twists. Your back needs rotational exercise movements.Do this for three months before starting deadlifts. The program for low back developement and pain prevention is:
1.joint mobility
2.back extensions on a 45' bench
3.good mornings
6.janda situps
7.Russian twists or full contact twists
Good luck with your program.
Steve Maxwell
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