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Qigong resources

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:32 am

Author Topic: Qigong resources
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Some useful web resources on internal martial arts, qigong, and related disciplines. While probably not party approved, they are all Garm approved or noted as otherwise. Please add any information that you may wish to. Note that in my experience, there are more qualified artists that do not teach or do not advertise than those who do.


Park Bok Nam's Baguazhang. IMO, he is the foremost teacher of this art in the USA. Both his books and tapes are excellent, and one can find his students in a variety of locations.


If you are ever in San Diego, stop in and see Mike Patterson. He has consistently produced the top freestyle fighters in Chinese martial arts, which is unheard of for a teacher of strictly internal styles. Tape production quality is low, but the material is excellent. Mike keeps a current database of internal teachers that will help you find a good local resource.


Yang is probably an expert in only southern White Crane, Yang style Taiji, and Nanking Koshu Federation style Long Fist. However, he has written extensively about qigong theory and practice. Probably has done more to spread facts about these subjects than anyone in the west.


If you want to learn hard style qigong, there is no better art than Hung Kuen. Wing Lam provides expert instruction, and his list of authorized students is on line. Excellent books and tapes, especially on the iron wire fist set and various iron palm methods. http://www.hungkuen.net/ provides a global database of Hung family stylists and teachers. The qigong of Hung gar is generally considered to be the basis for Okinawan Karate’s ubiquitous sanchin kata, so you may already have a solid grounding if you have spent any time in a Goju or Ueichi Ryu class.


Mantak Chia’s site. He is the most vocal Iron Shirt qigong proponent in the world. Pavel, of course, attributes Power Breathing to Iron Shirt, but there are hundreds of systems that have this name. I can't stomach the esoteric Taoism, but the material is authentic.


For Japanese stylists, check out the Takeda Kai, which is the most directly descended Daito Ryu style in existence. This will be the most effective of the Japanese arts, and is such because of its internal focus. No flash and show like the runt of it’s litter, Aikido, Daito Ryu is a battle tested art that has endured the civilization of Japan unaltered.

Kodo Kai, Saigo Ha, and Yamate Ryu are all valid variants. http://www.Koryu.com and http://www.furyu.com are both great generic resources for traditional Japanese arts.

For those of us lucky enough to be in the Washington DC area, you can study authentic Silat at the Indonesian embassy - http://www.al-azharsilat.org/home/welcome.cfm . Note that they won’t teach the higher levels to non-Muslims. Fortunately, if you say 'Allah u-Akbar', you are a Muslim for the duration of a class. You will have to make your own ethical decisions here. Most Silat in the USA is a sham, and I doubt that any of the magic actually works. But, there is a different flavor of qigong to experience, and the technical material is amazingly effective.

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