Stig's Bad Week

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Stig's Bad Week

Post by Fat Cat » Wed May 03, 2006 4:37 pm

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Shit keeps hitting the fan from every goddamn direction. The following is just part of it.

Thursday, April 29. BJJ -- easy
Working like hell, but managed to teach class in Tammisaari.

Friday, April 30. Judo/BJJ
Can't remember details.

Saturday. Work and getting shit faced in the evening.

Sunday Getting shit faced again and knocking down a guy in the bar for hardly no reason at all. With my current luck the punch went right "through" him, hit my GF who stood behind him, broke her nose and gave her a concussion. Low kicked another guy for equally non-existent reasons so hard that he went home limpin'. Need to fuckin' knock off the sauce now. Shit.

Monday. Major hang over, shame and remorse. Sometimes I just go fuckin' insane when I drink too much. Apologizing to everyone involved, except the low kick guy who I don't know who he was. Major resolution to quit drinking like a Finn. I already before took a 8 year lay-off, due to similar shit.

Tuesday 12 hours of work + BJJ -- easy

Wednesday My brother had a nervous breakdown from all the stress we're going through at work and was written ill for the next 2 weeks. Not making my life any easier. So far today I've been working non-stop for 10 hours and looks like I need many more before todays shit is taken care of. Only thing that is going according to plan is the weight loss.

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