Jack Reape on Deadlift Form

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Jack Reape on Deadlift Form

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:34 am

Author Topic: Jack Reape on Deadlift Form
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posted July 30, 2004 09:29 AMJuly 30, 2004 09:29 PM
"A Deadlift is like Lasagna"

A Deadlift, like Lasagna, depends on who is making it. The Deadlift is much more related to the body structure and flexibility of the lifter. Ideally, the 4 is a great illustration of perfect form for the perfect Dl build, but even that might be questionable. The 4 is really more suited to form for the Clean. In the clean you let the bar move forward a bit, something nobody should ever do in the DL. Is it good to arch the whole way, keep the shoulders back, smoothly and crisply lock it all out in one motion? Yes! It is just not possible for everybody. For everybody, you want to have the bar somewhere over your foot. You need to experiment to find that spot. If you can stay arched, great, but most can't. Get the bar on your skin as soon as you can pulling the bar straight up. For me this is right below the knee, but some can get it on the shins. Your hips are going to come up if you are pulling a big weight, but you must start pulling backwards as soon as the bar is over your knee. DT says that you would fall over if you let go of the bar. I agree. Finally, do not shrug the weight at the top. Pull the bar back and push your hips through the bar. The DL is tricky, and something that must be done fired up, so being too technical can rob you of your psyche when it counts.


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