Concealed Carry - 21st Century Martial Arts

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Concealed Carry - 21st Century Martial Arts

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:40 am

Author Topic: Concealed Carry - 21st Century Martial Arts
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posted August 16, 2004 01:04 PMAugust 17, 2004 01:04 AM
Originally posted by johno:
I am contemplating an upgrade from S&W .38 +P to either .357 or .44/.45 in a belly gun.


A) 12-18 oz. .357 snubby w/ 2" barrel

B) 12-18 oz. .357 snubby w/ 3" barrel

C) ~20 oz. .44/.45 snubby w/ 2" barrel

Carry options:

A) pocket holster

B) belly band

C) you name it

All non-Hikuta comments solicited.

Johno, don't let the folks who have never shot anything more dangerous than a paper target give yoyu any gas. Big bore is the way to go in a belly gun, not high velocity. It's simple physics, and you can prove it to yourself by firing at night.

Touch off a plain old .38 wadcutter. Follow with the 38 +p and the .357 in the same weapon. You'd have thought you were blind from the first, but it gets worse every time. The short barrel envelope cannot make use of the extra power, because all the powder burns in the air, not in the weapon.

.44 special is your friend in a snubbie, IMO, or 45 ACP with moon clips. Check the muzzle velocity tables in short barrels, and you'll find that the extra bark has minimal associated bite. Twerps are impressed with how much it kicks and how much noise it makes. The rest of us only care about how much damage it inflicts.

For carry, the answer is 'whatever is going to make you always carry it', aka something very comfortable. The weapon that you have with you when you need it is the best weapon. This is another reason to use the classic cop envelope revolver - bobbed hammer, smooth shroud over the ejection handle, etc. The belly gun is a 100% valid system, but has inherent limitations in accuracy and ability to use high-velocity ammo. If we knew we were going to a gunfight, we'd bring a rifle. This is for all day every day in case the very small chance that a gunfight is borught to you arises. Comfort is first, accesability second, power third.

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