"The Collected Wisdom of Mario Sperry"

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"The Collected Wisdom of Mario Sperry"

Post by Fat Cat » Wed Sep 13, 2006 8:21 pm

"now he is thinking 'Who is Mario Sperry? i will smash him'"

In another one he is in a dominant position and talking about punching the shit out of the opponent... cannot remember if he is mounted or side control (maybe knee in stomach)... anyway he says, "And this guy is worried. Why? His face is about to change."

"...How about, "I would rather throw 2 good punches than 10 faggot punches"

"my grandma, she don't pass the guard like this".

i like the one where he demonstrates double underhook body lock and says (paraphrasing) "some people like to do it like this" *demonstrates* "but thats no good at all" i love the way he shakes his head with a look of bitter disappointment on his face, like his son has just handed him a bad report card.

"now he has the armbar.... ARRRGH"

He is showing a knee up the middle guard pass. "Be careful with your partner on this one, unless you don't like him then SMASH HIS BALLS!!!

While demonstrating heel kicks to the opponents stomach and groin region while on the opponents back Sperry says something to the effect of "Hitting him in the stomach hurts but hitting the genitals hurts much more."

How about when he pisses Bustamante off so Murilo cranks an armabr way too fast and Sperry goes "OK this time please dont break my arm"

"We're going to do a move just like the one we showed you but it isn't like that move."

I've remember him showing a heelhook from one of his submission grappling series and saying somthing like: "...if you not like him very much, you twist and break his leg!"

"You cannot do eet! Unless you are a superman."

That's what I'm a gonna do.

"I give him De Ugly Face"

guard passing: "i dont reach back, he gonna punch my face off!"

"Some tapes show, you do this then.. omoplate, maybe this works... on my grandmother..."

" And then, i'm a gonna take Ricardo Arona home with me"

I loved when he was showing the old school chin up hands down sort of BJJ mma type stance.... and he is bouncing back and worth on hsi toes before he does this lame ass shot. "WHY?!?! WHY I DO THIS?!? LIKE A CRAZY!!!"

"All dees moves are connect"

"now his leg is belonging to mario sperry"

my own mother wouldnt pass the guard like this


constantly confusing "ribs" and "hips"...

and of Murillo Bustamante, "This guy, I think he wants to kill me."

I SMASH HIS FACE - BING! BING! "You have to remember, I don like him, I wanna smash him"

"Perhaps it works if he has physcial problems"

"In my opinion, its a wasta time, so don even bother" -(describing passing techniques from other instructionals)

"An pretty soon i'm gonna be dead" - (after Murilo chokes him for the 3rd time).

"I am being careful because he has a family, but if I don't like him, I smash his balls" - (as he shows a knee through pass)

"And pretty soon his face is going to change" - (as he lines up knees from the side)

"Not even my mother, she wouldn't do dis"

"An thats watta want" - (used to describe reaching his objective on every move, lol)

"Yea, he can puch me from here...but BAM BAM...I can also punch him too, an much harder. I rather land 2 good punches, than 10 faggot punches"

"Perhaps it works if he has physical problems"

BING!!!! BING!!!

"and then i fall back on my bum"

"So I end up in my guard, I don't know how I got here."

Showing a heelhook on sub wrestling. "I jhust get iz heel, turn my body and WHUUMP!. If I don't like him too much I jhust break it, otherwise I just go easy." How about where he was talking about standing up from guard against a striking opponent (first series, last tape), and he asked the dude to palm strike him in th head for the sake of realism, and he said something like "He's not gonna heet me 100%, 'cause I standing up right. If he DO hit me 100%, I gonna lose my friend.......'cause I gonna beat de shit out of heem."

On any other closed guard pass other than hopping to the feet and punching him in the face until he opens his legs: "It's bullshit man, I'm telling you. It don't work. Don't do it."

on guard passing:

"I have to PUNCH my way out. it's a FIGHT, isn't it?"

on keeping a closed guard:


on getting caught in the mata leao:

"the only escape, is to TAP!!!"

on passing the half guard with the gi:

"Now you hear: GO!!! GO!! FABIANO!!! YOU NEED TO ESCAPE!!"

on mount escapes:

"In my opinion, they don't work at all"

on the vale tudo guard:

"he has to be here, CLOSE!!! or away, I dunno, in Brazil, or whatever!!!"

"I don't believe in closed guard. I believe in open guard"

on jiu jitsu in america:

"I don't know what kind of jiu jitsu people teach overhere... some people say, Mario, can't you just upa him off? NO!!! YOU CAN'T DO IT!!!"

on jiu jitsu:

"I've been doing this shit for a longggg time"

on escaping the mount:

"you have to fight like the cats fight"

on fighting from the guard:

"Let me show you, what really goes on here: BING!!! BING!!! BING!!! (punches and elbows the guy who tries the traditional GJJ pass) BING!!! YEAH, TRIANGLE!!!"

on vale tudo mount:

"Don't use a headbutt from the mount, you're too high and you cut your eyebrow. you use a headbutt in the guard"

when talking guard passing, he says

"It doesn't matter what happened - I just wake up in the morning and Ricardo Arona was here, in front of me"
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