Garm on Benching & Champ PL Routines

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Garm on Benching & Champ PL Routines

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:46 am

Author Topic: Garm on Benching & Champ PL Routines
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I'm going to agree with Jack, with a point of clarification or two.

Morishma was genetically predisposed to success in benching, and used performance enhancing drugs that improved his recovery. These are certain facts. Also important is that Ed was a Powerlifter, had been one for many years when he developed this routine, and was an active world-class competitor.

This matters a great deal, for two reasons.

1) Most folks who come here and download a PL routine spreadsheet have not developed the GPP necessary to endure / gain from a true old-school PL routine. They are looking for the magic bullet - 'what routine should I use to gain the most in the least amount of time', but are probably not able to take advantage of such a routine, if one existed.

2) You can improve your GPP and ability to recover from exercise without drugs or genetic gifts. This is one reason why I always recommend the Sheyko 3-lift routines with a poundage reduction to novices. If done quickly, I have never experienced a more effective PL-specific strength-endurance builder.

There's a reason that every issue of PLUSA has a new routine from a PL legend for a specific lift that looks unlike the last one. These guys experiment on themselves for years, develop something that works for them in their present circumstance, and take down WRs and championship trophies as the result. Every routine should be viewed as a template that represents a training philosophy - you can learn from it by trying it, but eventually your goal should be to learn to develop your own methods specifically suited to you.

Get the most out of just using bar weight and milk it; you should be able to hit some big numbers with them and chains...check between your legs before you change anything. It takes more than a band to make you squat.-Chuck V
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