Increasing Snatch Numbers as Suggested by Cotter...

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Increasing Snatch Numbers as Suggested by Cotter...

Post by Dave » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:26 am

Author Topic: Increasing Snatch Numbers as Suggested by Cotter...
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From Dragon Door:

"a Taoist saying suggesting basically, to go forward you must first go back.

The key to a succesful high rep snatch test, is energy management. This is true regardless of what high rep means. 20 or 100, the techniqe stays the same.

1)Establish your cadence. This may take a little time. The guage I use is to work at a pace in which you can maintain a controlled breathing pattern (if you don't lose your breath, you won't have to try and catch it).

2)Once cadence is establish, take at least 4 weeks to build your base (assuming you have plenty of time, like you do). This means increase volume in a consistent manner. Something like 5 sets of 10; 5 sets of 12, 5 sets of 15, etc over time

3)Keep the volume high, but trim the rest periods and/or sets. I.E instead of doing 100 snatch over 5 sets, you do it over 2 sets.

4)The reason that cadence has to be established early on is because as your conditioning improves, your cadence can stay the same, but for longer. The exception is in very advanced athletes, in which case they are literally sprinting for the entire duration. They still have cadence, but it is much faster.

5)Patience and mental discipline is more of an asset than pure physical conditioning. Lots of well conditioned people don't do well on the KB snatch test. Of the people that do well, I haven't met one who isn't 'tough'.

6) Learning to keep a loose grip, while still generating power through the legs, hips and back. This takes a lot of practice.

7)Flexibile shoulders are a must to endure the high rep training. Practice overhead walks w/ 1 and 2 KBs.

There is more but this is plenty to think about for now. If you're looking for books on GS technique for the snatch, you can page Andrey here. He has many good GS advises!

Enjoy the training.


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