Holocaust question...

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Holocaust question...

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So I'm reading the paper this morning, yes a real newspaper, and there's a feel good story about two female Holocaust survivors that found each other after 82 years. They were nine when they last saw each other and they're 91 now. He's my issue so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...although they're both Jewish, both families escaped and were never placed in a concentration camp, so is it correct to call them Holocaust survivors since they were German Jews during that time, separate from concentration camp survivors who by definition are also Holocaust survivors? Just wondering is all.

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Re: Holocaust question...

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I'd say it is correct. They were in Germany during the holocaust. They survived by escaping.

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Re: Holocaust question...

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Did they spend time in a ghetto (e.g., Warsaw) before escaping? Or blew out of town as soon as things turned south?
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Re: Holocaust question...

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I think it counts.
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Re: Holocaust question...

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