Alexa ... Amazon Echo

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Alexa ... Amazon Echo

Post by seeahill »

I like it. A small speaker that is voice activated. Say "Alexa." You see a light on top of the cylindrical device ($180). Tell it to play your favorite music. (If you have Amazon Music Unlimited $7.95/mo or Spotify $9.95/mo) and it plays it quick. Pretty good sound. Fills a medium sized room.

Tell Alexa to put something on your calendar or put stuff on your shopping list or to do list. She does it.

So you go to the grocery store. Open the Alexa app on your phone. All that stuff is there. But not in the cloud, which is often hard to get in the depths of a big store. it's on your phone.

You get Tune-in radio with it (free). I listened to the Cubs game on it. The Packers game.

Got speakers? Amazon Dot ($50), a hockey puck sized thing will do the same stuff. Just connect to your speakers by Bluetooth or it can be wired into the aux. It hears your voice, does the same shit but plays music or podcasts through your speakers.

Both devices work well. Recommended.

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Re: Alexa ... Amazon Echo

Post by buckethead »

Does it laugh at your micro penis?

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Re: Alexa ... Amazon Echo

Post by Freki »

My tweener nieces love theirs.
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Re: Alexa ... Amazon Echo

Post by Turdacious »

Is it depressed and already trying to set the cabin it lives in on fire?
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