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Post by buckethead »

Forgotten as soon as it was over

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Re: Sing

Post by syaigh »

I liked it. Fun to watch, but yeah, not memorable. Of course I didnt expect it to be. I will say though, i didnt care for the elephants final number, but then again i hate that kind of music.

But definitely not an unpleasant way to pass an hour or so.
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Re: Sing

Post by nafod »

buckethead wrote:Forgotten as soon as it was over
You should see a doctor about that
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Re: Sing

Post by JimZipCode »

Took the 7yo and three of his friends to see it yesterday. Not nearly as fun as the trailers made it look. A lot of kids movies are witty as hell - Lego Movie, anything Pixar, etc. This is not. I slept thru about half of it.
On the other hand, when I woke up with 5 or 10 mins to go, the kids were bouncing in their seats with enjoyment at the final numbers. Afterward in the car they all said it was AWESOME. So whatever.

It's not actively harmful. Take your kid to a theater that has those fancy reclining seats. The kid will probably like it, and you'll get a nice nap.
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