Lala land

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Lala land

Post by syaigh »

It was good. Colorful, actually had good music, sweet, funny, and sad. We took the kids and they didnt hate it.
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Re: Lala land

Post by buckethead »

I liked it as well. Not sure it was worth 435 awards at the golden globes but what do I know, I like football

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Re: Lala land

Post by Boris »

Kind of a throw back to the 50s/60s - enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Re: Lala land

Post by JimZipCode »

My wife liked it more than I did, but I liked it ok.

Interesting looking at Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling, remembering them as a couple in Crazy Stupid Love with Steve Carrell.
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Re: Lala land

Post by nafod »

Liked it. Have that song "City of Stars" playing in my head. Emma Stone for the Oscar win, I predict.

Like it more than my wife, which is odd. She was expecting a Grease style musical.
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