Chapelle on Netflix

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Chapelle on Netflix

Post by Turdacious »

I guess he signed a three special deal with Netflix. Two of them (filmed in 2014 and 2015 I think) are up already. He's not really any different-- his style is the same, the subject matter is the same, he's just a little older and has a family. The big change is that modern political correctness happened while he was gone, but he dances on the edge of acceptability and mocks it as well as anyone I've seen.

Its not as funny or as fresh as his old stuff, but it's still good. If you liked his old stuff, you'll like this. I'm looking forward to the third installment.
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Re: Chapelle on Netflix

Post by Bobby »

Saw both friday,a bit slower paced then 10 years ago.Still had me laughing a lot.Was fun watching the faces of the audience as well.
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Re: Chapelle on Netflix

Post by Grandpa's Spells »

People confused about Chappelle and trans people remind me of Bill Burr talking about the outrage over the Duck Dynasty dude being a homophobe. WTF do you think a 40-something black Muslim with 50 mil who is friends with 90's era rappers and lives on an Ohio farm is going to think about trans people. There's a lot going on there but none of it points towards being liberal. It's practically racist to assume he'd be liberal on this.
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Re: Chapelle on Netflix

Post by Testiclaw »

I absolutely loved his previous stuff, but both of the new specials fell flat for me.

I love Bill Burr, but his most recent Netflix special also left me unimpressed.

I'm not sure why, because all of their previous specials are on my all-time top favorites list.

I've liked both of Tom Segura's specials, though.
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