Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Post by Bram »

Me and my friend smuggled drinks in so I was pretty buzzed for this movie.

I didn't pay super close attention to it, but it was funny, had good action scenes, with likable characters. Felt like Star Wars, probably more than any film since the original trilogy due to the gritty universe feel and the emphasis on fun.

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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Post by JimZipCode »

We took the 9yo to see it. Thru the first third I thought, this sux.

It picked up in the second half: by the last third, I was into it. That never happened for my wife, the whole thing left her cold. Boy liked it though.

I didn't recognize Daenerys at first. Paul Bettany was great.
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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Post by j-cubed »

It was kind of like a decent cover of your favorite band. You know there is no way it's as good as the original, but can still be entertaining if you don't go in with pre-conceived notions of how things should be.

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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Post by Protobuilder »

I went in with ZERO expectations as I did for RI and, if you do that, it sort of works. It's enjoyable and worth a few hours but I really wish they could simply give us an R-rated Boba Fett movie.
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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Post by Ronald RayGun »

Man ... I dunno. This one is only for the most hard core of Star Wars fans. Want Corellian jokes, ya got em. Mynock this & that, sure. MAD Kessel Run refs, duh! Found it overall pretty weak. But hey! Loved me some Donald Glover as Lando. He killed that shit.

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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Post by Grandpa's Spells »

Should have done a Lando movie instead. Donald Glover was almost annoyingly talented. Guy who played Han was pretty forgettable.
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